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Youth Opportunities Upgrade - YOU

project description

GENERAL OBJECTIVE: Provide opportunities for the personal and professional development of volunteers and target group using volunteering and non-formal education by implementing activities that integrate positive youth development principles into the formal education system and to promote an increased volunteering awareness.
The project is structured in 3 main phases:
A1:Preparation - which will take place in the first 2 months of the project
A2. Positive youth development through non-formal education and widening volunteering engagement programme. This activity will be the core of the project and consists of a 6 months EVS stage for 5 volunteers who will be working in in 5 high schools
1. Stimulating Creativity and Cultural awareness programme
2. Learning languages programme
3. Widening Awareness on Volunteering
4. Building communities of interest
5. Sports and outdoor activities programme
A3.Evaluation and follow-up phase will take place in the last month of the project.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

International travel, local transport, accommodation and utility fees, monthly communication costs, costs related to activities are covered directly by ACT.
Monthly food allowance: 120 euro/month
Pocket money: 60 euro/month


training during the project

Capacity Building Phase (2 weeks) –a programme designed train and transmit to the volunteer both new knowledge and practical knowledge that they require to be fully involved in the activities. The first part will 5 day intensive training that will focus on: getting to know each and team building(1 day), knowing and reaching the same level of understanding of the project activities,organisation structure, rules and procedures of ACT and its Partners (1 day); rising self-evaluation and self-introspection skills and identifying personal learning needs and desires and how they relate to project.


volunteer profile

- aged between 18 to 30 years
- the volunteers who apply for this project need to like and be willing to work with youth for 6 months.
- active, open-minded, creative, innovative, responsible and motivated volunteers
- the volunteers of this project should, above all else, show willingness to learn and see their EVS experience as a learning process.
- basic level of English (being able to make herself/himself understood by the others – able to communicate).


how to apply

1. Prepare a CV(preferably using the europass) and a motivation letter
2. Contact one of our partner sending organisation from your corresponding country.
3. We will have a Skype interview with you
4. We announce if you have been selected and we prepare the paperwork