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First ACT

First ACT

Asociatia Comunitati Pentru Tineret

Bailesti, Romania

5 , Closed

Descrierea proiectului

GENERAL OBJECTIVE Provide opportunities for social and personal growth of volunteers and target group along with organizational and community youth development by forming local “communities of interests” that aggregate young people around common interests. The project phases will be: 1.Capacity Building Phase 2. Project visibility and target group formation 3. Forming and Activating Communities of Interest 4. Evaluation and dissemination of results The activities and tasks of the volunteers will be geared towards creating, organizing, coordinating, activating and maintaining 3 communities of interests formed based on shared interests in sports, culture and active citizenship and other supporting activities that rise skills required for a proper community of interest to be sustainable such as spirit of associativity, active citizenship.


Cazare, hrană și transport

International travel, local transport, accommodation and utility fees, monthly communication costs, costs related to activities are covered directly by ACT. Monthly food allowance: 120 euro/month Pocket money: 60 euro/month


Formare pe durata proiectului

Capacity Building Phase (2 weeks) – a programme designed train and transmit to the volunteer both new knowledge and practical knowledge that they require to be fully involved in the activities. The first part will 5 day intensive training that will focus on: getting to know each and team building(1 day), knowing and reaching the same level of understanding of the project activities,organisation structure, rules and procedures of ACT and its Partners (1 day); rising self-evaluation and self-introspection skills and identifying personal learning needs and desires and how they relate to project.


Profilul voluntarilor

- aged between 18 to 30 years - to be active, open-minded, creative, innovative, responsible and motivated volunteers - the volunteers who apply for this project need to like and be willing to work with youth for 6 months. - the volunteers of this project should, above all else, show willingness to learn and see their EVS experience as a learning process. - to have basic level of English (being able to make herself/himself understood by the others – able to communicate).


Modalități de înscriere

1. Prepare a CV(preferably using the europass model here) and a motivation letter 2. Contact one of our partner sending organisation from your corresponding country: 3. We will have a Skype interview with you 4. We announce if you have been selected and we prepare the paperwork


This opportunity is offered in the frame of an Erasmus+ volunteering project and will be confirmed as soon as funding is approved.
For further information on the status of the project, please get in touch with the organisation.

Datele proiectului

A total of 26 week(s) during the period 01/09/2017 to 01/03/2018

Locația proiectului

Victoriei, Nr.163, 205100 Bailesti

Se caută voluntari din

Italia, Portugalia, Spania, Turcia

Tematica proiectului

Termenul-limită pentru înscriere

Termenul-limită pentru înscriere: 15/08/2017


Name: Iovu Marius

Phone: +40769433989