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Volunteering projects

project description

Kefiap - Center of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a service of the hospital in Kalamata. Through many activities and therapyes (art workshops, music therapy, dance, cooking workshop, swimming pool, massage room…) this therapeutic center improves the overall health and quality of life of people with physical, mental, or emotive disorders or handicaps.
Therapeutic riding is a rehabilitation programm for the children with physical and mental hanidcaps, where the horse is the therapeutic medium. The horse becomes an extension of their own body; it helps them venture into new experiences and discover unprecedented feelings: the pleasure of a ride or the thrill of a walk in the countryside, or, mainly, that precious sense of movement and personal independence.
The role of the volunteer is to undertake tasks in collaboration with the Greek volunteers that already work there and the enrichment of those tasks with more and newfound initiatives.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Volunteers are hosted in the youth hostel/guest house, in rooms with two or three beds. The youth hostel/guest house is fully equipped with a refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, heating system, oven, plates, glasses, sheets, blankets, pillows etc.
Volunteers will receive pocket money and food allowance.


volunteer profile

We are searching for a volunteer who is interested to those topics, is creative, open-minded, sociable, person who get on well with people, , flexible, responsible and willing to work in team.


how to apply

To receive applications by e-mail
Require a CV and letter of motivation to:
Conduct a Skype-based interview
Review the interview and application and make a selection decision.