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EVS long term in APRITI CUORE (2 volunteers)

Volunteering projects

description du projet

Apriti Cuore is an association which operates in the field of minors, disability, immigration and social emergencies in agreement with the Municipality of Palermo. Volunteers will support the work done by Apriti Cuore staff and volunteers in CASA ANCH’IO, residential community based in the city of Palermo.
This may include:
• Support the daily activities of the community for disabled kids and adults, and young and adult migrants
• support activities for school and support the integration of the child within the group, coordinated by an experienced operator and carried out in small groups;
• social activities for the acquisition of relational skills;
• activities focused on developing creativity by means of different laboratories;
• support to recreational and physical activities, both addressed to rehabilitation and leisure; excursions and short breaks holiday at different times of the year and/ or during the summer months


modalités d’hébergement, de restauration et de transport

Accommodation in shared flat with other volunteers. Double room for volunteers plus common living room. House is equipped with all needed.
Food will be provided by means of monthly cash contribution.
Volunteer will be provided with public transport tickets or monthly pass.
Financial conditions as for Erasmus+ Guide.


profil du volontaire

Ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:
- strong motivation for youth work in the area relevant for the association, such as social inclusion of disadvantaged people, migrants and disability;
- ability to team working
- open-minded, emphatic, creative, willing to help and open to challenge and ready to learn from with different cultures.
For the specificity of the target group (adolescents aged 14-18 year old and adult disable people), candidates have to be more than 23 years old and with previous volunteering.


comment poser sa candidature

Send CV and motivation letter in English or Italian (specific for the project and not a general one about volunteering) to m.greco@informa-giovani.net by the 18th of April 2017.
Please, add name and PIC number of the organisation which would operate as your sending.