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Together supporting modern and developed media strategy

project description

In order to work together on developing modern, truthful, free and strong media strategy. Due to the modern and Hi-tech of communication, as well as the widespread viewing of trans-national satellite Radio Station and TV besides on line media sites, Developing a modern and trustful national media is so essential in this era of transition so as to accommodate the globalization and it is not the job of governmental institutes only but NGOS and private sector has to be involved, that is why we established our Media Center and because we are a pioneers in Jordan and Arabia in looking after women journalists, we named it Arabs’ Women Media Center [AWMC],and working with young students in media collages to understand media industry and influencing power of national media on local communities.
We will deliver a group of messages in this project, using various media (Radio, T.V and social media) in addition to metal pins and magnet badges having the one of the messages written on it.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

for the accommodation we are looking for a flat near the center which is located in Al-Wabdeh a calm old area in the heart of the capital Amman and you can find a lot of cultural center and some international NGO there, and very near to the down town so the transportation is very easy, for the language all our staff speaks English as a second language and also can give Arabic language lessons


training during the project

Volunteer will be able to attend the media training workshop and help in facilitation and logistics for our media events, he/she will practice a real team work ,AWMC is so open for new idea toward media development so the staff will welcome and love to hear and work with motivated people.


volunteer profile

Age preferably 22 and above, interested or involved in any media outlet, welling to learn and accept other opinion


how to apply

1. You need to have a sending orgnisation in your country and a contact person to follow up.
2. You need to have learning objective for your volunteering with us.
3. Send to this email your CV and letter of motivation stating your learning objectives.


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