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Volunteers Promoting Volunteering for 10 months in SCI Madrid (Spain)

descripción del proyecto

Service Civil International (SCI) is the Spanish branch of the International Civil Service that since 1920 promotes workcamps connecting volunteers around the world with local organizations.

The main objective of the EVS volunteers is to involve with the active member of SCI in the promotion of volunteering viewed as a factor of change and social improvement among the Spanish youth:

Provision of information and orientation to young people that are willing to participate in our exchange program (short term and long term volunteering) or any other international programs like EVS:
Participate in the process of sending and receiving volunteers to international workcamps.
Participate in our local groups.
Participate in the organization of trainings for volunteers.
Collaborate with the communication team: newsletters, web, calendar.

Volunteer will collaborate in SCI office 6 hours 5 days a week. There will be 2 consecutive free days/week and 2 days of holiday for each month


alojamiento, manutención y transporte

Volunteers will decide the place to live. Food money will be provided to the volunteer.


perfil del voluntario

The profile of EVS in SCI is a person with an interest in multiculturalism. If you want to spend 10 months helping volunteers to fin organizations to help SCI is your project. We basically do all our work in SCI office wich is place in the city center so you definetly need to like it. We attach great importance to the previous experience in volunteering in any association or local initiative working on environmental, social and / or cultural issues. Also a high knowledge of Spanish is necessary for the project in order to be able to comunicate with local volunteers.


cómo presentarse

We are willing to know you better! Please If you are interested in doing you EVS with us, please send us your CV and motivation letter to our e-mail: oficina@ongsci.org