Including and envolving

Including and envolving

Oslo, Norway

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Opis projektu

KUFO is an Association (NGO) based in Oslo for educators in the Norwegian Church. Norwegian Church is a lutheran Church, but we like to have volunteers from different backgrounds. KUFO is open to everyone willing for dialog and respect. KUFO has many different tasks to be done related with develop, promote and run the organization. Volunteers will take part in administrative work, work with members database, organizing Erasmus + projects, selection of candidates or graphic designs for communication purposes. We will use your professional skills as they match our needs. But we will also like you to learn some new skills, develope new attitudes and get new knowledge from the activities. The volunteers will have the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations. KUFO has relations and take part in many networks that it will be possible to work with. We will encourage you to create your own project within KUFO, with our member or with our partners.

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Profil wolontariusza

We are looking for independent and proactive volunteers that can work in developing KUFO and our partners. As volunteer you would be responsible for different activities and duties and should learn how to handle that freedom. Besides of that, we are open regarding the competences, but here there are some examples: -Social relational skills with kids, teenagers and adults. -Administrative skills and skills in graphic design and use of major computer software (office) -Creativity and artistic skills -Activity and physical skills -Any professional in general

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Jak się zgłosić

Please, make sure to make an individual Motivational Letter and CV, we love to see that you took some time reading our profile! Send it by mail including your sending organization. If your get selected for a second round you will get some questions from us when the selection process starts.

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Informacje dodatkowe

KUFO`s office is in Oslo city center, 5 minutes walking from the central bus and train station, or the famous Opera House.

The volunteers will live together in a house, with individual rooms and access to a full equiped bathroom and kitchen. The house is located in a safe environment, with near access to public transport but also surrounded by beautiful nature.

They will get a travel card to travel around Oslo and help them to have a full social life.

KUFO is a national organization with regional branches so there might be some travel to different parts of Norway. Zobacz tłumaczenie

Deltakere med begrensede jobbmuligheter

  • This organisation has additional mentoring or other support suitable for young people with social obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences or similar.
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Inne strony

KUFO WebsiteKUFO YoutubeInfo about OsloInfo about NorwayChurch of Norway

This opportunity is offered in the frame of an Erasmus+ volunteering project and will be confirmed as soon as funding is approved.
For further information on the status of the project, please get in touch with the organisation.

Daty projektu

Łączna liczba tygodni:52 w okresie od 15/01/2016 do 15/01/2017

Miejsce realizacji projektu

Raadhusgata 1-3, 0151 Oslo Norway

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Tematyka projektu

Etyka, religia i filozofia (w tym dialog międzywyznaniowy)

Kreatywność i kultura

Pedagogika i dydaktyka

Termin zgłoszeń

Termin zgłoszeń: 20/09/2015


Name: Harald Skarsaune

Phone: +47 95249934

Organizacja przyjmująca

Kirkelig undervisningsforbund

Oslo, Norwegia

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Kirkelig undervisningsforbund

Oslo, Norwegia