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Kauno Marių regional park / Kaunas lagoon regional park directorate

descripción del proyecto

Tasks for volunteers:
- maintenance of regional parks infrastructure, camp places (fixing and renewing regional parks infrastructure (wooden visitor trails, information stands, information arrows, painting tables and benches)
- visitor, landscape, nature monitoring;
- helping to organize educational programs, excursions, different events for visitors;
- walking with regional parks' ranger and monitoring the territory, providing information for visitors;
- working with public relations, spreading information about Kaunas lagoon regional park educational activities, excursions, events in English language;
- herb picking;
- collecting and sorting trash in Kauno marios regional park;
- implementation of own project related with nature conservation within regional parks specifics, as example - lessons for kids in English language about nature, creation of new playing ground for kids, visitor trail, campaign for cleaning some shores of Kauno marios.


alojamiento, manutención y transporte

1. Volunteering 30-35 h/week at your chosen receiving organization. There will be one person
responsible for planning the schedule with you, advising on everyday tasks.
2. We provide local transport tickets for public transport in Kaunas.
3. You will be part of the group of volunteers at coordinating organization A.C.Patria.
4. Volunteers pay their phone and internet connection fee which may reach ~5.8 EUR/month.
5.One volunteer gets private room in shared apartment (3-5 people)
6.Language courses at least 36 academic hours in a group of volunteers.
7. LT Language classes included.


formación durante el proyecto

1. On arrival training;
2. Midterm training;
3. Monthly meetings with all volunteers in Kaunas;
4. Regular meetings with your mentor;


perfil del voluntario

Participants should have interest and love to nature, they have to like staying and working outside, it would be great if participants would have nature education background, as example - biologist, geographer, chemist, environmentalist, forester; however, it's not necessary. In addition, it would be important that volunteer would be physically healthy and strong, because many tasks would be carried out outdoors (sometimes the whole day), which takes lots of energy and sometimes requires strength.


cómo presentarse

Please send CV and short motivational letter to evspatria@gmail.com, till 15th of April, 2017 and add contact details of your sending organization. Please indicate why exactly this project interests you, what you can offer in terms of service and what you could learn in the project.


información adicional

Kaunas lagoon regional park directorate was established in 1997 to protect the unique lower landscape of Kaunas Reservoir, its natural ecosystem, cultural heritage; to maintain and manage cultural and natural values, promote cognitive tourism, to guard the rational usage of natural resources, to control people activities within preserved territory.
Volunteers are important support through the intensive visitors’ season and great chance to increase local communities’, visitors’ and team cultural awareness, linguistic skills, and brings great mood!