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Best Shots - EVS in India

project description

The EVS activity will have two main aims: make a volunteering experince in the social field with young people with fewer opportunities and achieving compenteces in the video making and social network management.
The hosting organisation has its main seat in Bangalore, but works on a national level, thanks to many regional offices in the whole country. The organisation works with students, its main goal is to spread consciousness about human right and to empower young people to be active citizens in society. They organize seminars, meeting, events in order to rise the awarenesses between student about themes such as gender equality, justice against casts system. The volunteer will have the chance to travel supporting the organisation of seminars around the country, bringing his/her own contribution in the animation side as youth worker and also by proposing activities and sessions.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteer will be hosted in the main seat of the organisation in Bangalore. There are apartament where also other workers and students live. The volunteer will be given a monthly budget to arrange the food expenses. All the travels that the volunteer will be proposed around the country, will be organized and covered by the hosting organisation.


training during the project

The volunteers will attend a pre-departure seminar in Italy at the end of July where they will achieve useful competences to deal with intercultural shock and communication, social work with people with fewer opportunities, conclict and crisis management, all information about EVS functioning, information about project idea and development.
The volunteers will attend a specific training before departure, where they will gain competences about social communication and social network functioning, video making techniques (theory and practice).


volunteer profile

The volunteer doesn't need any type of experience in ICT, social network management or video making, not even in social work or in foreign language. The selection will be based on motivation and understanding of the project idea. The volunteers have to be ready for an experience that will challenge themselves. The social context can be hard and the volunteers have to be open towards meeting other cultures, way of thinking and living sometimes hard to understand or accept.
There is no need to be Christian or to belong to any particular religion to take part to the project.


how to apply

All information about how to apply can be found in Italian at this website address:
The candidates need to send the application form (from the website), CV, letter of motivation, and references letters.


additional information

Some of the project activities will take place in italy, before and after the EVS period.
You can also reach us at these address:
Phone number: 0121 953122
Facebook page: Volontariato - Diaconia Valdese

For the spanish canidates:
For the hungarian candidates:


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