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Pueblos vivos / Living villages

Pueblos vivos / Living villages

Ayuntamiento de Camprovín

Camprovín, Spain

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Project description

The town council of Camprovín is carrying out a program to promote rural live and fight against rural population drift. The town hall is encouraging employment, tourism and education, and it is embracing a refuge family. The EVS would be inside the program of cultural and social dinamization. The project will be situated as a space for learning, leisure, creativity and reflexion, creating a bigger compromise with the Earth, the environment, and the cultures and traditions of the european people. The project will be developed during 3 months with the participation of 3 volunteers, members of the organization and several local partners. The volunteer will carry out activities in relation with art, environment, and rural development. The volunteers will help and develop workshops and activities for children, young people, adults or elder people, compilation of traditional handmade activities, exhibitions, and promotion. Personal initiative will be important and encouraged.


Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteers will be hosted in a bioclimatic house property of the city council that has been recently built, the house has 3 bedrooms, one kitchen (they will cook their own food.), one bathroom and one living room. In the village there is some services: doctor, a little shop, bank office, a bar and rural hotels. Ayto. Camprovín will provide the volunteers each month the quantity that has been stipulated for food and "pocket money", the volunteers will mange the money. The town council will give the volunteers also the part of the travels cost that is included in the EVS program.


Training during the project

The organization will provide the volunteers a Spanish course at the beginning of the program, the will also have the opportunity to improve their english. During the stay they will have also different trips to know others projects and organizations and also the region. There will be several aspects promoted, that the volunteer will have the opportunity to learn in a non formal context : Knowledge about environmental issues,digital tools, social skills, creativity, arts and crafts processes and techniques, intercultural and intergenerational aspects.


Volunteer profile

- aged 18-30
- motivation for international volunteering, rural live, art and environment. - motivation to live and work in rural area
 - availability and motivation for a three months mobility
 - strong interest in learning a different European language
 - motivation in working with different cultures and aged people. - creativity and artistic abilities - having basic English communication skills, spoken and written. - due to the short period of the projects and the necessity to speak with the local people, it would be convenient to speak a Latin language


How to apply

We have already selected the volunteers


Additional information

Camprovín has 150 inhabitants and it is located in La Rioja at 667 metros of altitude, at the foot of Moncalvillo mountains. It is 10 km from Nájera, the closest city, and 35 from Logroño, capital of La Rioja, and 350 km from Madrid. The temperature During summer, when the project will take place, the population increases and there is more young people and children, while in winter the population is aged, although there is still school. Translate

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This opportunity is offered in the frame of an Erasmus+ volunteering project and will be confirmed as soon as funding is approved.
For further information on the status of the project, please get in touch with the organisation.

Project dates

A total of 14 week(s) during the period 31/08/2017 to 31/10/2017

Project location

Plaza de la Iglesia, nº 1, 26311 Camprovín

Looking for volunteers from

Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Algeria, Estonia, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Finland, France, Georgia, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Libya, Morocco, Moldova (Republic of), Montenegro, North Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Palestine, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Russian Federation, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Kosovo * UN resolution

Project topics

Application deadline

Application deadline: 20/03/2017


Name: Lara Montoya