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descrição do projeto

Cesvov (Support Centre for volunteering in the Province of Varese) is a no profit organisation promoting volunteer experience and supporting the volunteer organisation in our community. Cesvov aims to spread the culture of volunteering and to promote the citizens’ active participation and active citizenship. For this purpose, the center offers services to non profit organisations, such as training and technical and legal consultancy in order to develop their skills and expertise as they meet new needs.
Volunteer will be involved in the communication department and will cooperate in the social communication on facebook, Instagram as well as our web site or video making. It is important the volunteer could have a basic knowledge of Italian, no professional skills in the communication area are required.


comparticipação nas despesas de alojamento, alimentação e transporte

Volunteers are hosted in a fully equipped house, with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. They will share bedroom with another volunteer.


formação durante o projeto

On arrival training is provided by coord.org. about the project aims and the overall community partnerships. Volunteers will also be given all the instruction regarding EVS principle and functioning in our org.Training on working with vulnerable adults is provided to all our volunteers by staff members in the host.org. and volunteer will be trained on the job with staff help. Volunteers will be given informal learning process support through the active participation to a monthly 4 hours group trainings on YOUTHPASS certificate. Volunteers will be given access to the EVS online language trainin


perfil dos voluntários

All people aged 18 - 30, who have a genuine interest and passion for working in a community project to develop solidarity in various ways. He/she has express interest for the no-profit sector and the active participation in society.


como apresentar uma candidatura

Please send your CV, motivation letter explaining your experience in voluntary actitvies and with elderly, your Sending Organisation details to sve@cesvov.it until 15th March 2017. Selected candidates will be invited for Skype interview.


informações adicionais

Volunteers are actively involved in shaping their EVS experiences and we encourage volunteers to bring their own ideas, skills and passions to share with the hosting association and the partners association in a community involvement


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