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Nature School for Kresna's young environmentalists (Croatians only)

Nature School for Kresna's young environmentalists (Croatians only)

Vlahi Nature School

Vlahi, Bulgaria

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Opis projektu

Vlahi Nature School is small educational project based on permaculture principles. We are located in a remote village at the foot of Pirin mountain (UNESCO World heritage) where only 7 people live permanently. The nearest town Kresna is 9 km away. We are looking for 2 volunteers to support the educational work of the Nature School by organizing presentations on nature protection topics, to help in the campaigning work for protection of Kresna valley and Pirin, to encourage the expansion of local stakeholders partner network, organize volunteer afforestation actions, to participate in biodiversity and habitats monitoring checks of river water levels, etc. The volunteer will be based in Blagoevgrad, a small university town 40 km from the School, with the opportunity to spend any amount of time in the Nature School. Detailed description: More info: To apply fill in the form: by May 17thol.

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Zakwaterowanie, wyżywienie i transport

Food: The volunteer will cook for him/herself in an equipped kitchen of the apartment. Accommodation: The volunteers will live in the nearest town of Blagoevgrad in a shared rented apartment. Blagoevgrad is an University city with many young people. Blagoevgrad is at half an hour distance from Kresna by bus, where the project activities with students and kids will happen. Local transport: by bus and by car when going to the village of Vlahi Equipment (phone, internet, etc.): wi-fi in the rented apartment

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Szkolenia w trakcie projektu

The volunteer will have the opportunity to learn about biodiversity, habitats, ecosystems, nature protection, civil engagement and environmental movements work, permaculture, using traditional building techniques and sustainable use of natural resources. Time for observation and reflection about nature, the people and self. Practical skills for working with tools, gardening, educating children. Language support: Bulgarian language through the on-line linguistic support of Erasmus+

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Profil wolontariusza

Interested volunteers could be:mountain and naturelovers; people, who like to be outside; the project might be engaging for students in natural sciences; previous experience with activities, related to nature protection and environmental education or desire and motivation to develop in this field; some skills in photography and video could contribute to documenting the activities; initiative and independent; ability to work in a team; with communication skills, open for learning new things; English speaking and willingness to learn local language; with driving license

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Jak się zgłosić

Fill in the google form ( choosing “8-month long EVS in Vlahi Nature School (Bulgaria)” and send your CV and specific motivation letter to with subject Mountain spirit_volunteer_[your name]

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Inne strony

The Full Text of the Call for Volunteers The Mountain spirit blog and the call for volunteersVlahi Nature School FacebookVlahi Nature School website

This opportunity is offered in the frame of an Erasmus+ volunteering project and will be confirmed as soon as funding is approved.
For further information on the status of the project, please get in touch with the organisation.

Daty projektu

A total of 35 week(s) during the period 01/10/2019 to 31/05/2020

Miejsce realizacji projektu

2841 Vlahi

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Tematyka projektu

Termin zgłoszeń

Termin zgłoszeń: 17/05/2019


Name: Julia Yordanova