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EVS Opportunities in Autism Centre in Krakow (April 2017-January 2018)

project description

Centrum Autyzmu The Centre is an educational establishment addressed for autistic and mentally disabled children and youth, consisting of kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and vocational centre, located in two premises. For younger students the Centre provides early childhood intervention. Centre’s mission is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and safe. Centre of Autism is the place where student’s needs are noticed and fulfilled, going along with parents and staff needs to achieve the highest learning outcomes.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Volunteers will get money for food every month from coordinating institution (around 350 PLN)
a) Volunteer will be accommodated in a room (in most cases shared with another volunteer) with
access to kitchen and bathroom.
b) Volunteers will share a flat together, they usually have double rooms.
c) Coordinating organization IS NOT providing Internet connection /Wi-Fi, however it is possible to
arrange it (prices vary from 15-30 PLN/monthly per person).
Reimbursement will be made up to 275 euro return ticket based on original tickets.


volunteer profile

Experience in work with children and youth will be an additional asset, however it is not compulsory. Good communicational skills are also an additional asset because the project is based on communication with other people. All creative skills - artistic or motor skills – can enrich the project. The same relates to computer skills. Volunteers should be open-minded and sensitive towards needs of others.
Due to the nature of the target group and special focus on work with children with disabilities, volunteer should not be afraid of disabled youth and their reactions.


how to apply

In order to apply, please fill the online form.



additional information

Main aims of both main and side activities are promoting social work for better understanding and acceptance of disabled people, gaining news job related and personal skills by the volunteers and raising awareness of interfaith dialogue and its importance in the modern European society.

More details can be found in info kit uploaded under google drive link


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