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Volunteering projects

project description

Equicanis works mainly with youth at risk and horses. We try to create opportunities for opening, for developping, by creating relationships with these beautifull big animals. Our activities vary from ateliers in which we take care of the horses, cuddling with the horses over riding lessons, walks with the horses, 'Equine Assisted therapy' and learning for individuals or groups, as also activities to developp ourselves as equine assisted therapist. The activities are for youngsters of the Wissel, Rizsas and also externals. The main tasks are taking care of the horses and the surroundings (feeding, clean the paddock, do exercises with the horses). Besides that the volunteer will assist in some ateliers where youngsters are taking part in. A days starts in the morning at 8.30 with taking care of the horses, during the day there are some activities with the youngsters or practical works, around 15h30 we take again care of the horses and the paddock.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteer will live in a house near to the project(app 500m) together with other EVS volunteers. It is located in a small village. The volunteer will have a room that he/she can lock with a key. Bathroom and kitchen are in common with other volunteers. Terras and outside places are in common with another project. The volunteer is getting a food budget to arrange his food outside the work hours. During work the volunteer has lunch in the project. The volunteer will get a bike to go to the shop, the bus or train station. A bus card is provided to travel with the bus to the city.


training during the project

The volunteer will get some preparation about life in the project, Language course, working in a team and living together with other volunteers. In September the volunteer takes part in an on arrival training organized by the National agency and in January again in the mid term training. During the year the project is providing some language support to learn Dutch and coaching moments for personal learning and understanding of philosophy of the work.
Training about how to take care of the horses will be given by equicanis in the first month of work.


volunteer profile

A volunteer with passion and respect for horses, sence for ecology, eager to explore together with us the possibilities of nature, knowledge of human and horse relationships.
As on the domain will be youngsters with difficult background, we want the volunteer to be aware of his influences to these youngsters. Able to deal with young adults and have social skills to communicate with these youngsters. Being open minded and flexible in this work are very welcome.
able to live in rural setting (nearest city Leuven is 12km), willing to use the bike or bus
able to live independant


how to apply

Send us an email with your motivation letter within the subject EVS EQUICANIS and we will send you an application form.
Once we got the application form, we will get in contact as soon as we start selections and we need more information.
Our selections are done in November and December each year.


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