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Knowledge of Thalassemia

project description

Our organization is about patients suffering from Thalassemia and Sickle-cell, Anemia. We are increasing the awareness of thalassemia, trying to keep these patients' morale high by editing and participating seminars and activities. And volunteers will exactly be a part of us. Act like us, think like us and work like us. We will help and assist them in their desired activity and programs. They will be working with us at the workshops and seminars. However, main activity will be motivating Thalassemia patients. We would like them contribute in every step of daily life of patients.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The accommodation is provided in our centre. It is provided by double rooms where social facilities, WC, shower, TV, fridge, microwave, cooker, necessary dish, Wi-Fi free is provided. Most of the activities will be in our center but public transportation card will be provided to volunteer. Volunteers can eat in our organisation or they can prepare their meals in own kitchen of their accommodations


training during the project

We will be with them every step of the way. Also they will have Turkish lessons in our organization. We have also weekly meetings. These meetings are important to get more information about experience of volunteer. Therefore, we are able to get feedbacks from volunteer. Moreover, we are planning to select an off day weekly for volunteers to spend with us or by themselves.


volunteer profile

WE are looking for a volunteer from Europeon Union countries


how to apply

Cv and ML send us