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Center of voluntary movement "Lastochki"

Center of voluntary movement "Lastochki"


Frunze 14, 443099, Samara, Russian Federation - +78462712471

description of organisation

Samara Non-governmental non-profit Youth Organisation “Lastochki” was established in 1997 by young members of the United Nations support group in Samara. We see our mission in promotion the idea of international volunteering in Russia by means of our long-term volunteering and short-term projects.What are the aims: to assist the development of youth policy and youth movement in Russia to promote the Samara Region to young people and youth organisations all over the world to activate and unite young people from various cultural, political and national backgroundsAccording to these aims we: co-operate with local and international non-governmental and non-profit organisations participate in international youth exchange programmes and organise such programmes in SamaraIn November 2001 NGO “Lastochki” was accepted as an Associate Member of ICYE Federation. The International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) is an international non-profit youth exchange organisation promoting youth mobility, intercultural learning and international voluntary service. ICYE organises long and short-term exchanges combining home stays with voluntary service in a variety of community service projects in more than 34 countries around the world.In 2009 NGO “Lastochki” got a new name “Centre of Voluntary Movement”Lastochki”. In November 2015 at the General Assembly of ICYE organizations Lastochki has become the Full-Member of ICYE Federation.We have two staff members and Active group of 6 active volunteers. They are young men an women with a good command of foreign languages, higher education (at least one Diploma), all having experience of international voluntary project (EVS or workcamps).Target group of our activities: active people of any social, religious and ethnic background, willing to support those in need on voluntary basis, open to intercultural experience and learning. «Lastochki»/ICYE Russia is responsible for selection and training the candidates, preparation and evaluation of the project, support of the participants after the training and follow up activities. «Lastochki» is ready to give all support to preparing, realizing and evaluation on every level of the project.Nowadays “Lastochki” is an active participants of voluntary exchanges with partners all over the world. European Voluntary Service is one of the main of our activities. We have partners all over Europe, within and outside ICYE Federation. We’ve been hosting and sending long term volunteers for many years. We have more than 10 hosting placements. The themes of the hosting projects vary from children and youth to the elderly and the disabled. All of them are open all the year round willing to host international volunteers.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Inclusion categoryReceiving projectsSending projectsCoordinating projectsHosting organisationSupporting organisation
Cultural differences
Health problems
Social obstacles

Volunteering project

Project name Project Dates Deadline Status
EKOenergy for Russia
A total of 0 week(s) during the period
Sep 2017 to Aug 2018
01/09/2017 - 31/08/2018
15/04/2017 closed

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)

Creativity and culture

Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong)learning