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IOUSTINIANOU 19, 62124, SERRES, Greece - +302321058800

description of organisation

PRAXIS is a non-governmental youth organization in Serres, Northern Greece, which has activities in culture, media and communication fields. It was founded in 1995 in order to offer a wide spectrum of cultural activities to the town youth and involves them in cultural issues. (

PRAXIS offers opportunities via media and cultural activities to young people. Inspires youngsters to participate and enjoy their work as volunteers in our activities and in the ERASMUS+ program EVS and youth exchange projects. PRAXIS offers opportunities to young people to express their creativity, spreading all interesting information for them and for their future life and employment.
PRAXIS also owns a non-profit programme at the radio station RODON fm ( and it’s broadcasts raise awareness about several issues that concern young people.
On the e-magazine “MEDIART”, volunteers write articles, comments, opinions about ongoing projects, campaigns, issues or events happening in the community or in the Europe/World (
Our organization maintains a strong regional and interregional network that allows the realization of internships, seminars, European Voluntary Services and youth projects within the European context.

PRAXIS aims :
to create international opportunities for youth development
- to strengthen dialogue between authorities and youth groups, including disadvantaged groups
- to run local youth radio station structure- association activities:
- creation of youth audition for the youth voice to be hearable
- arranging intercultural educational experiences for youth.
- to improve the job opportunities of young people from Northern Greece and to provide support for them in order to find their place within the European system.

PRAXIS works as a coordinating, sending and hosting EVS organization since 1998.
• Accreditation of Youth Volunteering Organisations (ERASMUSPLUS-EVS): Project code 2014-1-EL02-KA110-001695
-PRAXIS cooperates with the municipal cultural center of Serres, several Greek universities, especially local one, UNESCO and other institutions.
-Media and communication is one of main activities. Blog about our activities can be found here:

- Youth Information Center of PRAXIS provides information & opportunities for young people.
- PRAXIS organizes, cooperates, and supports different cultural events and youth contests.
- Social media campaigns on sensitive social issues. Cooperating with international organizations on the “international days” and promotion via radio spots on air with social messages about international and European campaigns.
- The intercultural experiences and thereby acquired cultural competences, open up young people’s horizon of experience and at the same time provides them with a founded knowledge that may become a significant location factor for Serres local community and Northern Greece with regards to the settlement of businesses.
Young people are introduced to the European perspective and PRAXIS is understood as being part of this perspective.

Moreover, PRAXIS organise activities targeted at youth (Locals -European -Refugees), who live in the Serres community and are active in youth initiatives. Included Creative workshops with young refugees in youth info-center of PRAXIS.
While working with youth and refugees, we bring together youth who are using social and traditional media, internet and computers, in order to share common interests in activities such as radio broadcasts and promotional radio-spots, information material aimed at raising community awareness to cultural integration, teaching English, "Personalities Marketplace" activities, cinema nights, group games, stories and also personal life experiences exchange.

Apart all these above, PRAXIS has a patent on application for smartphones:
- Application for the clean city by active citizens:
- Application: Games include historical events and monuments of Thessaloniki from Roman times until today. “Thessaloniki City Games” : «Hidden treasures - hidden stories of Thessaloniki»
Users of “Thessaloniki City Games” are playing interactive city games (or "hidden treasure hunt games"), which are based on riddles and in order to discover the history and the most important monuments of Thessaloniki, through a smart and interactive way.

Participants with fewer opportunities

  • This organisation has a physical environment suitable for young people with physical, sensory or other disabilities (such as wheelchair access and similar.
  • This organisation has additional mentoring or other support suitable for young people with social obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences or similar.
  • Other experience, infrastructure and resources:

    Our organization during the years of the EVS projects :“Mediart” program and “ Mind asperity via computers for children with special needs” project realization, has welcome a lot of times young people who were less privileged either culturally and/or geographically or socio-economically. In our last reception of volunteers we have hosted a volunteer with health problems like epilepsy, cancer. Therefore, the members of our organization not only do they have experience in dealing with more unusual situations but they are also able to manage crisis. Despite all that, they always keep up to date by professionals on the course of actions they should follow so that there is always fine cooperation between the volunteers and the organization. Reinforced mentorship’ might be foreseen to increase personal support of volunteers with fewer opportunities. Special needs support relating to participants with disability will be assessed case-by-case. Throw our hosting projects, volunteers have the possibility for non-formal and informal learning opportunities in order to allow them to acquire new skills and competences for their personal, educational and professional development PRAXIS has:- more than 19 years in a EVS sending /hosting/coordination- Several workers with experience in formation, volunteering and quality projects- More than EVS 400 volunteers sent & more than 150 hosted since 1998 - Quality pre-departure formation- Follow UP during the all phases- Strict selection criteria’s of the candidates/volunteers. For the implementation of its activities, PRAXIS involves several active volunteers with high expertise on the design and delivery of such actions. The team includes: • Project manager with over 19 years of experience in mobility EU projects (both hosting and sending) • Project writer and manager with over 15 years of experience in designing, writing and implementing EU funded projects • Legal advisor • Financial advisor • Journalist • IT expert • Teacher • Volunteers with experience in delivering educational programs, etc. A mentor in the host organization is responsible for personal support and facilitates integration into the local community. Regular contact and meetings should follow. Discussing the learning achievements with the volunteer at the end of the activity in view of the Youthpass-achievement report. Furthermore the impact of an EVS project should not just be limited to the participants in the activity, but also bring the concept of ‘Europe’ to the local community Praxis organization has been active in the European Voluntary Service since 1998, and has over these years co-operated with numerous organizations all over Europe. These ties and relationships over the years have developed into strong, trusting relationships with many satisfied volunteers. The sending organizations that send volunteers with special needs, are informed and included on all major stages of the project (mainly preparation but also communication and support if it needs during the implementation and the follow up). In the activity agreement that signed by all partners there is description of the role of each one in every period and activity of the project. A mentor or a specialist/expert - according the special needs of the volunteer -in the host organization is responsible for personal support and facilitates the integration of the volunteer into the local community. Regular contact and meetings are to follow. Discussions on the learning achievements with the volunteer at the end of the activity in view of the Youthpass-achievement report. The objectives which are achieved are divided into two domains: cognitive and social. The volunteers will combine descriptive knowledge of the various tasks with procedural knowledge based on their practical experiences and will display aspects of general knowledge, comprehension, applicability, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. In the affective domain, they will develop and display aspects of receiving information, responding to the new information in the light of this new experience, valuing in that, they are expected to show involvement and commitment, organization of the new experiences in their general set of values and priorities, characterization of value, in that, they are expected to act consistently with the new values acquired. Volunteer will be able to cater for new phenomena such as internationalization of education, the use of digital learning, and support the creation of flexible learning according to the volunteer's needs.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Inclusion categoryReceiving projectsSending projectsCoordinating projectsHosting organisationSupporting organisation
Geographical obstacles
Social obstacles
Economic obstacles

Volunteering project

Project name Project Dates Deadline Status
EVS vacancies at Spin, Lisbon, Portugal (already approved)
A total of 0 week(s) during the period
Jul 2017 to Feb 2018
01/07/2017 - 28/02/2018
02/05/2017 closed

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

Scope Volunteering

Role Expiry date
PIC no: 948534677 | Last updated on 24/08/2018

Organisation topics

Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)

Integration of refugees

ICT - new technologies - digital competences