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Rock Solid Foundation for International youth work

(Rock solid stichting)

description of organisation

We started this NGO out of the base from a reformated church in 1994. We started working with youth groups in 1987. In 1994 we did organize our first international Youth Exchange together with Romania and went on doing it. Since 2000 we started working with the youth programme. We are exploring new horizons since and started in 2005 participating in CMS and after that started organizing and participating in Training Courses and other projects. we did send our first EVS volunteer to Sweden, and did send in april two volunteers to Malta. since 1st of september 2012 we organised also hosting EVS in the field of working with mentaly disabled. We are focussing more and more on vulnerable youth with lesser opportunities. We extended our organisational structure to give it more body and to make sure that projects always will pass in spite of any personal problems or situations. We want to expand our EVS hosting and sending and more people from the organisation started writing and leading projects.
now we are in contact with three organisations for hosting EVS and this will stay the same for some time for sure. We now have agreement with 3 organisations in the field of disabilities to be their organising NGO, this means we will apply every year for three groups of 4-6 volunteers coming to the Netherlands. if in the next period of time we will also be able to manage a youth centre then also for that will be maximum 2 volunteers, this means that our maximum for hosting will be 20 in total, not in this moment, because for this february deadline we will apply for 14, but in the future it might grow till 20. this also is our maximum to keep the same standard for hosting that we are used to. We wil all of them host in Lunteren and in De glind (7 km apart) because we still want to start a youth centre where the EVS will have a lot of contact with local community, by setting up language for language courses, dance classes and several other activities. Later when we are ready we are going to apply (after discussing the final project with NA) for 1 or 2 EVS also for setting up this youth centre and the activities and do a lot of promotion activities about Rock Solid and about the possibilities in the new Erasmus+ program. For now we apply for Organising the Hosting for the different organisations we are working with and of course for sending new volunteers abroad. We are used to do team building activities every month with the whole group of volunteers and we want to keep this manageble too.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Inclusion categoryReceiving projectsSending projectsCoordinating projects
Cultural differences
Geographical obstacles