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Muumipere Lastesõim

Muumipere Lastesõim

Muumipere Lastesõim

Endla 17, 10122, Tallinn, Estonia - +3726441012

description of organisation

Tallinna Muumipere Kindergarten EVS service is coordinated by NGO noOR, for more information about service and application process, please contact noOR's EVS coordinators vie e-mail:

The Muumipere (Moomin Family) Crèche is a small day care facility in the centre of Tallinn, with two classes for one to three year olds, altogether 40 children. Our purpose is to give pre-school education and prepare the children for the kindergarten, teach them how to take care of themselves, give age-appropriate language and numerical skills, also primary skills of manual activities, and provide safe childcare on workdays from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm.

Regular activities are: meals three times a day, between mealtimes play, study, free play and outdoor activities. The children take a nap every day between 1 and 3 pm.

We would like to bring some change, new ideas and thoughts from another culture to our very stable group of colleagues.
Also it would be a possibility to develop practical language skills on both sides. We would welcome a person who would help us with children and offer new and interesting ideas. He or she should be interested in work with young children.

The volunteer will learn about all the aspects of teacher’s, teacher’s assistants and also principal’s work, Estonian language, our everyday life and holidays, national festivities etc.
The volunteer can help with the preparation of teaching, teaching itself and organizing activities and feasts, show his/her creativity, manual and musical skills, can be of assistance at meal- and bedtimes.

We expect him/her to provide some comparative material and ideas from his/her culture, to introduce the special features of the pre-school education of his/her native country, also to introduce the customs, songs and plays of his/her country.
We offer the volunteer warm meals every day, internet access and all the possible support.

The volunteer can take part in everyday activities of the crèche – playing, music lessons, meal-times and preparing for bed-times, giving out and picking up toys and books etc.

The volunteer can create teaching props, introduce his/her country and its traditions, if needed, decorate the rooms according to seasons and festivities, perform at parties (songs, national features).

Typical tasks of the volunteer:
Play and free time with children, both in- and outdoors, assisting the personnel at mealtimes, preparing for classes and giving them, accompanying the children during walks.
Daily schedule Monday through Friday:
7.30-8.30 children´s gathering
8.30-9.00 breakfasts
9.00-9.00 free activities
9.30-10.30 1. lesson
10.30-11.00 coach to go out/to yard
11.00-12.00 stay in the open air, free activities
12.00-12.30 coming into the room, coach to the lunch
12.30-13.00 lunch
13.00-15.00 resting, sleeping time
15.00-15.30 free activities
15.30-16.00 evening meal
16.00-16.30 2. lesson
16.30-18.30 free activities in room or in open air

Volunteer will share an apartment with other EVS volunteers and has to be ready to share a room with maximum one person.

Volunteers will receive monthly public transport card, food and pocket money will be transferred to volunteer's bank account in the beginning of every month.

Volunteer will receive min 32h of Estonian language classes.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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Creativity and culture