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NGO Daycare centre Vinger

NGO Daycare centre Vinger

NGO Daycare centre Vinger

Posti 17-1, 71020, Viljandi, Estonia - +3724330990

description of organisation

Current EVS service is coordinated by NGO Eesti erinoorsootöö Ühing noOR. Volunteers interested in applying for a position please contact noOR EVS coordinators by email: Day care centre Vinger was founded in 2001Target group: mentally disabled young adults. Our clients are young people with intellectual disabilities aged 18-43years. They all living at home and have previously studied at school for children with special needs.Workers: 3activity instructors, and occasionally music, dance , art and handicraft teachers.Main area of our services:Everyday life supporting service in day care centre for 26 clients. Our aim is to provide our clients with a fuller life experience; therefore we offer a wide range of activities, such as social and psychological counselling, music therapy, singing, computer learning, cultural activities, cooking, art lessons, , table tennis, dancing, theatre, art lessons, sport etc. Also our aim is to help people with mental disabilities to learn how better to manage in everyday life by themselves.Our day care centre is open from 8 to 16 only on weekdays. The day in Centre has a following schedule: 9.00 morning- circle with tea or coffee. This is time to discuss all together day activities. The first part of day consist of different activities. After lunch are some lessons or very often some events outside of the house. Usually we have about 15-18 people every day.In half of July and half of August the day care centre is closed, during which time we have sometimes camps and the disabled people’s cultural festival.The network of social organisations in Viljandi is very good. We can also offer volunteers the opportunity to observe and work in different organisations, which are closely connected to our clients. For example, there is another centre for disabled people (NGO Viljandimaa Singel) next to the daycare centre, with whom we closely work together.motivation and EVS experience.The main activities of the volunteer:The main task is to help disabled people and the stuff in their daily activities and organising different workshops for the clients. Volunteer's tasks depend very much on his/her interests and skills.In the very beginning of the project volunteers will have the time to become acquainted with the work and then find the most suitable activities for him/herself. With the working mentor they will make certain working plan for the volunteer. Volunteer has continuous contact with the mentor to prevent and solve possible crisis on cultural or language level.Depending on the volunteer’s and clients’ interests, following activities can be adapted in both services:• assisting, planning and running creative workshops and activities (dance, music, theatre, handicraft, etc);• assisting to arrange outings, excursions and camps and taking part in those;• presenting his/her own country and culture;• leading foreign language conversation lessons for clients;• personal assistant for clients when needed ;• assisting to prepare different projects.What we offer to the volunteers:Work with people with disabilities may be emotionally hard at the beginning, especially without any previous experience. At the same time, it also gives a lot to the volunteer in terms of personal development and reviewing the values of life.Volunteers’ creativity and communication skills will develop strongly as volunteers need to find ways how to interact with the clients of the centre as none of the clients speaks English , and some of them have difficulties to communicate verbally in general.With time and some experience s/he will gain also more responsibilities and according to his/her own interests and skills can propose and initiate also new activities for the clients. Volunteer will learn about different disabilities and get experiences how take care and communicate with people mental disabilities. The volunteers will learn about the situation of disabled people in Viljandi and also get the idea of whole Estonian social system.The volunteer will learn about the role of non-governmental organizations in the social system. As a hosting organization we would like to be able to broaden the mind of the volunteers. We would also like to offer the volunteers a special environment to grow as a person and to see life from different points of view. The volunteers will learn the segments of Estonian culture and life by meeting alike-minded students who are doing their internships in our organization. We have also good connection with Viljandi Cultural Acadamy’s students who are eager to show our culture in a deeper way and to teach Estonian language and just to be friends.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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