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Ad Arte

Ad Arte

Via Vetrano 13, 80030, Camposano, Italy - +393474135164

description of organisation

The Association realizes projects and laboratories with kids and families about the recycling and an ecologic lifestyle. The NGO organizes as well events and info-day in the squares of the towns and in schools about correct nutrition and the cycle of the wasted products, especially on the way of their reuse. We also promote the organization of artistic events, being a meeting point for artists and performer of the region. The association is organizing and promoting events involving art, sculpture, photography and music with a target group composed mainly by teenagers and young people. Our field of interest covers also social media and their use in order to improve the campaign communications, promoting the active citizenship and the involvement into social activities. We also work with social media and their use as means of communication for promoting campaign, social involvement and active citizenship. Our NGO is also active into the cinema festivals since 2014, giving support as international department of the VideoMaker Film Festival, connecting with foreign festivals and institutions for screening and partnerships. We promote and take part regularly as italian partner in International project with the aim of increasing the chances of european mobilities for young people living in our area, disseminating the results of past projects and promoting the European opportuinities in partnership with the local Youth Forums.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC no: 947562155 | Last updated on 03/06/19
This organisation is not recruiting any volunteers just now.