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Purhaantie 25, 03400, Vihti, Finland - +358405077162

description of organisation

The host project Kisälli-Harjulanmäki has two main activities:1. Kisälli-workshop, which provide art- /work-therapy for disabled people. 2. Harjulanmäki, the nursing-home for mentally disabled people which provides permanent home for 5 adult-aged disabled persons. Kisälli-Harjulanmäki is managed by Mauri and Annamari Pajunen. The family Pajunen lives on the same building as disabled people (nursing home is on the 1st floor and home of Pajunen on the 2nd floor).The rest of the staff ( employees altogether) come to work from outside of Kisälli-Harjulanmäki. All employees are professionals in social- /educational work.Kisälli-Harjulanmäki provides its services exclusively for the public sector.

The disabled customers are chosen for Harjulanmäki by social service department. All of the disabled customers of Harjulanmäki have average mental defect. The customers have no physical defects.In rehabilitation Harjulanmäki is specialized in discoursive methods (mainly narrative dialogue), which we use to support our disabled customers in the challenges of their life.

The experience of volunteer living in our community will enrich the lives disabled customers of Kisälli-Harjulanmäki. It is important to see people who have a different background and that way get acquainted with cultural differences. We think that it is especially important for mentally disabled persons. Also we are interested to have the “new eyes” for our community, i.e someone who could see our organization from the objective standpoint. We want to provide the volunteer a possibility to work with disabled people in a safe and convenient environment. Also we will provide a possibility to learn about Finnish culture and language. These learning possibilities will be arranged with close contacts with the family running the project as well as using the local educational services, like the Finnish language classes.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

Scope Volunteering

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PIC no: 947146413 | Last updated on 24/08/2018

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Disabilities - special needs