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KNOF Zavod za kreativni razvoj Posavja - socialno podjetje

KNOF Zavod za kreativni razvoj Posavja - socialno podjetje

KNOF, so.p.

Kolodvorska ulica 1, 8270, Krško, Slovenia - +38651309063

description of organisation

The KNOF institution is a business incubator and is the first registered social enterprise in Posavje region and the third of its kind in Slovenia. The principals of socially responsible entrepreneurship such as sustainable development, social benefit for everyone, cooperation with local community in decision making are the guidelines we follow every step of the way. The KNOF business incubator was established as a response to the high unemployment rate in Posavje region. Our main goal is to help enable the unemployed to realize their business idea in a safe environment of ‘entrepreneurship in shelter’, which means less risk for the entrepreneur himself. We focus primarily on helping vulnerable groups such as the youth, people over 50 years of age, the disabled and long-term unemployed people. We encourage them to carry out their long lasting dreams by turning their idea into business, providing income for themselves, employing others and helping the regional development, all this in the safety of KNOF incubator. We provide tutors, different courses, constant assistance, funds, financial and legal matters counselling, second opinions, testing of the idea in the market with low cost and low risk. We also provide equipped offices to share and to cowork with other creative individuals, a conference room, equipped MMC, wood and sewing workshops and a database of our contacts. So our start-ups can try out a role of an entrepreneur in a form of a profit centre under incubator’s wing and see if it fits them until deciding to start an independent business on their own. The KNOF institution also plays an important role in informing about socially responsible entrepreneurship and decision making in the Posavje region. Our Teams of local creators (the Green team, the Technical team, the App team...) also play a major role in a field of networking and cooperating in Posavje. Their goal is to activate the local community to participate in solving problems concerning different sphere of life.
In 2013 these successful profit centres and promising new ideas are working in KNOF incubator:
- Three ‘Old school’ centres (Sevnica, Krško, Trbovlje) – reuse centre and local exchange platform
- Green Sevnica centre – urban gardening
- KiSS centre – washable diapers
- Forestal centre – forest management
- Transport and moving service
- Vergo centre – graphic design, printing and bumper stickers
- Knowledge for employment centre (this centre already became an independent business)
- Heart beam idea – healthy lifestyle
- Green innovators idea – green walls, green energy

Zavod KNOF so.p. was rised by members of ŠMRK Društva K.N.O.F. with a desire for projects, which have a goal to create new sustainable jobs. In the year 2012 we got a registration as a social company, because we pursue principles of sustainable development, social responsibility and active citizenship.
Motivation for EVS came from positive experiences from the past, because we already hosted EVS volunteers through organization ŠMRK Društvo K.N.O.F. where we got aour first accreditation. At the moment we have 9 employees, from which there are 2 handicapped persons. We also have 5 volunteers or practicants .
Most of us understand english, half of us speak english. The staff knows EVS programs, because the worked with them in past projects. Employees are older, above 50 years and also younger than 35 years. Employees are organized in a KNOF crew or. council KNOF, which runs the whole organization Zavod KNOF on a cooperative logic.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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Role Expiry date
PIC no: 946573143 | Last updated on 24/08/2018

Organisation topics

Economic and financial affairs (incl. funding issues)