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Roter Baum Berlin UG - zentrale

description of organisation

"Roter Baum" Berlin UG (haftungsbeschänkt) is nongovernmental organisation is founded 2011 by "Roter Baum" e.V. and is running all projects of "Roter Baum" organization network in Berlin city, mostly in Hellersdorf district. It follows the work of gKJHG "Roter Baum" mbH. We are working since 2001 in Berlin in several programmes.“Roter Baum Zentrale” ( ) has 120 m², 2 employed staff with all necessary equipment for administrative work, communications and big seminare room. It is administrative center for Roter Baum Berlin, but it is not only that except administrative and fundraising tasks in Zentrale exist big meeting room for youth meetings (especially for youth participation projects), kitchen and separated bathrooms. This Facilities are basic point for the participation projects "diveRcity - youth culture in Hellersdorf", "Action budget for tolerance", which promotes youngsters to implement their own ideas and projects. This facility is also info point for all yang people and other interested people in district. Several youth participation projects, youth culture projects, projects for political education and international youth exchanges was implemented by Roter Baum Berlin. In last year youngsters and youth workers were participating in several trainings under YiA and Erasmus plus programe.Beside all this in „Roter Baum Zentrale“ we are developing ideas for future projects, developing applications and actively participating in project activities implementation. Through our activities we cooperate with different non formal youth groups and help them to cooperate with other facilities or organizations (government and non government).We also provide active support to our local and international volunteers. Our organization in involved in EVS projectes since 2009 through YiA programe as hosting organization only and from 2013 through YiA and Erasmus plus programe as hosting, sending and coordinating organization. Main reason for continuing working at EVS project for us is, that we believe for the youngsters from our district it is important to get international experiences and improve their intercultural knowledge. For us it’s important to transport the topics to youngsters, youth activism and youth mobility in local community, and also to others youngsters in the world.This facility is concstantly hosting few national volunteers of diferent proviles, students at practicum and one international volunteer. „Roter Baum“ Berlin UG – zentrale is member of: ORA Network; AG78 Kinder und Jugendarbeit Marzahn/Hellersdorf. We are constanly coopareating on many multinational projects with partner members coming mostly from:Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, Italy, Portugal...

Participants with fewer opportunities

  • This organisation has a physical environment suitable for young people with physical, sensory or other disabilities (such as wheelchair access and similar.
  • This organisation has additional mentoring or other support suitable for young people with social obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences or similar.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Inclusion categoryReceiving projectsSending projectsCoordinating projects
Social obstacles
Educational difficulties
Economic obstacles

Volunteering project

Project name Project Dates Deadline Status
Environmental education project in Albania
A total of 0 week(s) during the period
Jul 2018 to Jul 2019
10/07/2018 - 09/07/2019
31/05/2018 closed