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Szabad Ter Egyesulet

Szabad Ter Egyesulet




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Open Space Association is an association with 16 professional youth and social worker, teaching professionals, sign language interpreter members and enthusiastic volunteers, located in Székesfehérvár, Hungary.
We are Eurodesk partners so thus a promoter of the Erasmus+ (and many more) programme.
Our mission:
+ Promotion of the social equality of people with fewer opportunities.
+ Protection of the human and civil rights
+ Social activities, family support
+ Child and youth protection
+ Promotion of the employment of people who would like to return to the labour market
+ Health care, prevention, rehabilitation, info providing
+ Environmental education
+ Education and coaching, development of abilities, disseminate knowledge
+ Nature and environmental protection,
+ Scientific activity, research
+ Cultural activity
+ Promotion of Sport
+ Promotion of the European integration
As there are more social worker and teaching professional members, we have a strong interest in local community development. We are working in Agárd/Gárdony, Velence and in Pátka also.
It is really important to show to local people that we are living in Europe, and beside the local and Hungarian values, we also have European values, and we are European citizens.
Our target groups are:
+ Local citizens age 13+
+ Families
+ Young people (13-30)
+ Professionals (teachers, social-, and youth workers, local politicians, local entrepreneurs)
Regular activities:
+ Seasonally different community strengthening activities
+ Sports days
+ Info days (Eurodesk, E+)
+ reach out work
+ summer camps
+ mentoring (short and long term)
+ hosting, organizing youth exchanges
+ sending groups and individuals to abroad to different programmes (youth exchanges, camps, training courses, seminars)
What we done already:
+We already hosted/organized/coordinated more than 30 youth exchanges
+ We already hosted/organized/coordinated more than 12 international training courses
+ We already hosted/organized/coordinated more than 100 local trainings and conferences, camps, thematic days, other different events.
+ We already hosted 4 internationalvolunteers, and sent more than 10.
+ We also have 2 members who participated in a Grundtvig Senior Voluntary Service Programme for 50+ people. They found it really helpful and enriching experience.
+We have an EMMI registration as an organization which work with volunteers. Our registration number is 1246.
Our motivation to send and host volunteers:
Our aim is to provide young people means and resources to improve their autonomy, social involvement , skills and help them to feel as full right European citizens.
We consider the EVS as a recommended training tool for young people's social and human development, and it promotes solidarity and tolerance.
The EVS allows us to:
+Enrich volunteers (local and EVS) personally and professionally.
+Enrich local community
+Enrich the culture of the association. Make the not so active members work continuously, they have a new responsibility in the organization.
+To develop and to promote new knowledge and attitudes for young people.
+ Make the EVS known in the local environment and promote it. Volunteers are willing to share their experiences in info days or in different activities to promote volunteering among other people.
+Make our programmes more colourful. Especially in smaller places it is really important. They make local people more acceptors: changes, other cultures, etc.
+Promote the participation of young people in European Programmes. In this sense, EVS volunteers and local ex-EVS volunteers are essential for the promotion and dissemination of Europe in our education system and in other places.
+Volunteers help our organization meet its mission and better serve the community. They demonstrate community investment and endorsement.
+Volunteers can endorse our organization in front of city commissioners, on our local newspapers, social media pages, and are seen as people with no financial interest in our organization -- their comments come as "community representatives". They bring a new point of view, new solutions.
+Also, we do not underestimate the power of networking; volunteering and volunteers offers the opportunity to cross paths—as well as, in many cases, quickly bond—with people from across our community, including many with whom you may otherwise not have had contact. They have their own networks where they will share their experience, and they will involve new people into the programmes.
+Regardless of the age or career level of the volunteers, volunteering introduces also him/her and also the members of the association to new professional paths.
+Volunteering is an excellent way to learn more about a particular role or sector, workplace or office culture, or cause.
We've also developed our own Code of Volunteering a few years ago. It was very recently updated according to the actual laws and different Hungarian and EVS regulations.

su įtrauktimi susijusios sritys

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Įtraukties kategorijaPriėmimo projektaiSiuntimo projektaiKoordinavimo projektaiPriimančioji organizacijaSupporting organisation
Social obstacles
Economic obstacles
Geographical obstacles

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC no: 945572782 | Last updated on 09/02/19

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