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Tsirkusestuudio Folie MTÜ

Tsirkusestuudio Folie MTÜ

Tsirkusestuudio Folie MTÜ

salme 12, , tallinn, Estonia - +37256629702

description of organisation

European voluntary service at Folie is coordinated by NGO noOR. All practical and application related questions can be addressed to EVS coordinator at noOR via e-mail: info@erinoor.eeFolie was established in 2000 with a purpose to develop circus scene in Estonia and give circus performances. Our vision is to provide quality circus studies as a past time activity for youth and to be promoter of new circus form and circus studies in Estonia.We operate in Salme and Nõmme Cultural Centres in Tallinn. We have approximately 100 students who train 3.5 times a week. In our new curriculum we offer training in general acrobatics next to a specific circus form chosen by the children. Students can choose from air acrobatics to juggling and train as much as ones heart desires. Our trainers are all qualified performers who have gathered their skills in Estonia and workshops attended abroad. Inseparable parts of our trainings are performances. Every year we have at least one performance that is also played in festivals abroad. Skilful play, story line and live music, all of them have central role in our performances. Impressions that arise during the play, we create them together with the audience. The fact that we are also a performing group play a big role in our student’s education, they learn how to be responsible, self-reliant and the importance of working in the group.Additionally to weekly trainings, we have camps, we participate in festivals and workshops held by our international partners all around Europe.Folie is an active organisation which practices new form of circus in this environment volunteers can learn a lot about our approach and share their background with us.Volunteer’s main task is to assist trainers during the trainings. In the beginning of the training volunteers can play games with children to help them warm up and get into the upcoming training session. During the training they will assist trainers in where ever their assistance is needed during the training session. Additionally to trainings they will help to keep order in our equipment and rooms. Volunteers assist during the performances, help to create decorations and keep order in backstage to make sure that performance runs in order. Volunteers can also suggest themes and for the performance and if confident enough also stage one. When we say that volunteer will be a full member of the staff then we also mean that we include the volunteer to our weekly brainstorming meetings where he/she can contribute with her/his ideas. We welcome initiatives taken up by the volunteer.The activities is a programme for all social groups to be involved and to become aware of circus as an art tool. 1) assisting in the training periods at Nõmme and Salme Kultuurikeskus2) taking part in the adult trainings3) helping in the production works of new performances for Christmas and spring time as well as helping to organise all the other performances during the season. In case the voluteer likes handicraft of any kind, there is a possibility to prepare sth for circus.4) taking care of all the props of Folie including the mats and the store room.5) helping during the workshops and training camps in the above described way.Volunteers can participate in all of our trainings and performances. She/he can plan her/his personal training while using our facilities and equipment. Volunteer will be organising the Estonian circus festival, which takes place in April every year.Volunteer will work 5 days per week and 6 hours a day. Some of the activities take place also on the weekends and the volunteer is expected to help. In these cases it will be arranged, that s/he can get her/is given free time later. All the changes in normal schedules will be agreed with the volunteer. Volunteer will have two extra free days per one service month. Holidays will be agreed with hosting and coordinating organisation (2 days per month is for holidays). Volunteer has to discuss the leaves and holidays with organisation prior to making any arrangements for travel.Volunteer will live together with other volunteers in shared accommodation, where s/he has all needed facilities (kitchen, bathroom etc.). There may be 2 volunteers accommodated in one room. Volunteer will receive food money in the beginning of every month and will be responsible for arranging meals by herself/himself. Together with food money, volunteer also receives her/is pocket money.

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This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

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This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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