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KÄO Keskus

KÄO Keskus

KÄO Keskus

Käo 53, , Tallinn, Estonia - +37255618437

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Käo Keskus service is coordinated by NGO noOR, for more information about service and application process, please contact noOR's EVS coordinators via e-mail: project will take place in Tallinn, which is the capital city of Estonia, the most developed and populated area in the country. Päevakeskus Käo childrens centre, Päevakeskus Käo Pae centre for adults, Päevakeskus Käo Maleva centre for adults are situated in different city parts in the city of Tallinn, close to the city centre (in Kopli, Lasnamäe and Kriistine). More information about the city of Tallinn you can find at Tallinn official website Päevakeskus Käo has three centres. One of the centres is the childrens centre where are working 17 social pedagogues that are divided between 6 children groups. In each group 3 social pedagogues are working with 6 children (2 for each social pedagogues). Volunteer worker would be working alongside with the social pedagogue as a supporting assistant. Päevakeskus Käo childrens centre in Käo street has 35 children in ages between 7-18. Päevakeskus Käo childrens centre is working in cooperation with Käo Põhikool, that is offering basic school education for children with intellectual/ developmental disabilities in school age (7-18 years). Käo Põhikool (private school) belongs to MTÜ Inimeselt Inimesele (NGO). More information about MTÜ Inimeselt Inimesele you can find at In Käo Põhikool and Päevakeskus Käo childrens centre each child has been provided individual approach. Studies are based on individual study plans which also combines welfare and rehabilitation services that are offered by Päevakeskus Käo childrens centre. The aim is to offer all necessary services to the children in one place (day care, rehabilitation services and education). More information about Käo Põhikool you can find at the website www.kaokool.eePäevakeskus Käo childrens centre is opened from Monday till Friday 08.00AM till 17.00PM. Centre is usually closed in July for summer vacation. Päevakeskus Käo Pae centre for adults has all together 43 clients in the centre that are divided between 7 groups (6-7 adult clients in the group). In each group there are working 3 social pedagogues with the 6 clients (2 for each social pedagogues). Volunteer worker would be working alongside with the social pedagogue as a supporting assistant. Päevakeskus Käo Pae centre for adults is opened from Monday till Friday 07.30AM till 17.00PM. Centre is usually closed in July/August for collective vacation.Päevakeskus Käo Maleva centre for adults is the newest addition to the Käo centre. There are working 12 social pedagogues with 24 adult clients who are divided into 4 groups (6 clients per group). Volunteer worker would be working as a supporting assistant with social pedagogues.Päevakeskus Käo Maleva centre for adults is opened from Monday till Friday 08.00AM till 17.00PM. Centre is usually closed in July/August for collective vacation.During the summertime there are organized summer camps for adult clients of the centres.Volunteer will also have local mentor who is a volunteer's „first friend“. A person apart from the organisation who will support volunteer in his/hers new cultural environment.Proposed Activites:We are accepting volunteers from September until June (usually 9 months long service) . Application process is taking place each year in December and January. Please contact our coordinating organisation to inquire more about the application process.Päevakeskus Käo has a children’s centre with 35 children with special needs, Maleva centre with 24 adults` with special needs and Pae adults' centre for 43 persons between 18 and 50 years of age. Activities at the day care centre are meant to support and empower different abilities (physical, cognitive, communicative, social and everyday skills) of the client to increase his or her ability to cope and participate in everyday life to the fullest extent possible. The main goal of Käo Day care Centre is to offer different developmental activities for children with special needs. To achieve this it is important to create a safe and meaningful environment where each child is considered as an individual. Furthermore it is necessary to consider the child mental, physical and emotional development and to regard and each one as a whole. The teaching and developmental activities we offer are all based on individual study plans.KÄO Adult centre:Role and tasks of the volunteers.Volunteer will work as an assistant of social pedagogues with mentally and multiply disabled adult clients in the day care center Käo. There are different groups working at the center which are managed by professional social pedagogues. In one group there is maximum 5-8 clients at the same time. Groups are both in Estonian and in Russian. The volunteer will work in close relation with the social pedagogues and other specialists in the center.Tasks:- supporting clients while they are doing their work activities according to their work plan and individual plan of activities (housing works, cleaning rooms,washing dishes, preparing food, handicraft, works in art field etc). While participating with clients at their everyday activities and work activities they helpthem to develop/maintain/support: -to practise and learn everyday skills needed for everyday life (hygiene, taking care of themselves – clothing, washing themselves, eating etc);- to develop/maintain motor skills;- to develop communication skills (increasing the personal vocabulary if possible, adapted signs for expressChildren centre:There is 36 severely mentally and multiple disabled children between the ages of 7 and 18 (school age). At the day care centre for children there are 6 groups, each having a maximum of 6 children. Staff in each group consists one teacher and three assistants (educators). In day care centre, the activities are meant to support and develop the different abilities (physical, cognitive, communicative, social and life skills) of the client to stimulate and increase their ability to cope and participate in everyday life as much as possible. All children in our centre are with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities. Most of them do not talk. Which means that the children are not using speech for communication. Some children use simplified sign language, some use photos or other pictures (pcs pictures etc) for communication. There are classes for autistic children in our house and some children are with profound vision disability. Volunteer will have opportunity to work with different children and get ideas of different disabilities and ways of seeing the world. Volunteer will also have opportunity to see the work of different specialists (music therapist, physical therapist etc.).Volunteer will work mostly side by side with assistants (educators). So he/she will have the chance to work under the supervision of experienced social workers. Volunteer will also have good opportunity to learn great deal about mentally and physically handicapped children. Tasks of volunteer will be:- helping children in their lessons, - helping them on dressing and eating and on leisure time time activities (play with them, walk with them, sing with them etc.).- volunteer is very welcome to find new ways to organize the leisure time for children, to organize parties etc. Working time: volunteer will work 5 days per week and 6 to 7 hours a day. Occasionally some of the activities take place also on the weekends and the volunteers are expected to help. In these cases it will be arranged, that they can get their given free time later. All the changes in normal schedules will be agreed with the volunteers. Volunteer will have two extra free days per one service month.Holidays will be agreed with hosting and coordinating organisation.Volunteer will received food money in the beginning of every month and will be responsible for arranging meals by herself. Together with food money, volunteer also receives their pocket money. Volunteer will have personal Estonian bank account and food and pocket money will be transferred to the account.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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