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Mutionu Lasteaed

Mutionu Lasteaed

Mutionu Lasteaed

Mehaanika 54, , Tallinn, Estonia  - +3725514112

description of organisation

Mutionu Kindergarten EVS service is coordinated by NGO noOR, for detailed information on application process please contact:

Mutionu Kindergarten was established on the 11th of May 1964. Nearly fifty years we have provided basic education for children aged 3 – 7. 2014/2015 we have 96 children studying in our kindergarten. Mutionu Kindergartens' yearly activity plan is in accordance with national celebrations, traditions developed during the years in Mutionu and also with new ideas that come up with working together with our partners. We accept apprentices from Tallinn Pedagogical Seminar; organise common events with other kindergartens in the area. Our members and children are actively taking part in trainings and events held in Kristiine city district.
Next to daily activities we are also working closely with parents. Every spring we have theatre week for children which results in theatre performance for parents. During the performances children act out fairy tales, read poetry and stories. Great example of effective communication with parents is theatre play performed by them in 2011. Outside every day duties we have two main events in a year held for the whole family: Talvetrall – sledging together with family members and Mutionu in winter; Perepäev in spring which is usually a city game (orienteerumismäng). In Christmas, on Santa's birthday, we have Santas' Little Helpers' running competition with flashlights in our garden.

Mutionu Kindergarten offers everyday work experience with children, basic knowledge on pedagogy and get practical examples on how to apply value education in every day situations. Volunteer will get the chance to be a team member in our daily activities as well as in organising Kindergartens' annual events alongside previously mentioned she/he will also learn Estonian in its natural environment. Overall we would like to share experiences on primary school education in Estonia and in volunteers' home country.Volunteers role in our organisation is to become full member of our team. We wish to engage her/him actively into our daily work therefore to ensure interesting and educational experience for the volunteer. Volunteer will assist teachers in daily classes, accompany our groups in study visits and she/he will help to organise our traditional events. As international volunteer she/he already has an asset in the form of her/his different cultural background which volunteer can use to start her own ideas and workshops.At the moment we have four different groups which are divided according to the age of children. : 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-7. Preliminary working schedule foresee volunteer working in different groups according to either morning schedule (8am to 14am) or afternoon (1pm to 7pm). Volunteer will also help with outdoor activities and organise annual events with staff members.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC no: 944329048 | Last updated on 28/09/2016

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Pedagogy and didactics