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Kaisiadoriu socialiniu paslaugu centras

Kaisiadoriu socialiniu paslaugu centras

Social services

Vytauto Didžiojo 44B, LT-56119, Kaisiadorys, Lithuania  - +370 346 60 013

description of organisation

Kaisiadorys Social Services Center is a municipal budgetary authority. Its role is to provide general and specialized services. The regular activities are the following:

- Training of social skills and support of the skills gained in children's day groups;
- The center organizes socio-cultural activities for the disabled people
- The center provides social day care for the disabled in the day groups.
- The center organizes summer camps for the recipients.
- The recipients are involved in various socio-cultural and social projects and take part in organizing them.

The center employs 4 social workers, 1 social educator, 3 assistants of social workers, 5 employees for sports and other creative activities and the support staff.

General services include:
-information, counseling, mediation, representation
-socio-cultural: leisure activities
-health: sports and massage
-psychological assistance: individual counseling and group sessions
- development of working skills: sewing, knitting, pottery, wickerwork, art
- educational training: computer literacy, seminars, courses, camps
- tillage and farm work at home for the disabled
- meals at the charity canteen
-personal hygiene and care: shower, laundry, haircuts
-special transport services for the disabled persons

Special services include:
- Training of social skills and support of the skills gained is provided for the families which are at risk and their children. The center has got over 200 families at risk.
- Training of social skills and support of the skills gained for the children from socially disadvantaged families in children's day groups. The group consists of 16 children.
-Training of social skills and support services for disadvantaged families and children.
-Help to-door service for the disabled people in their homes to do the housework or when they need help when taking part in social activities.
-Social care team provide a series of services, ie the disabled people are provided comprehensive support and training during the day at Kaisiadorys Social Service Center. These services are provided every day except the weekend. The group includes 6 recipients.

In the centre of social services there are not only daycare group for handicap people, who come every day, but also every Tuesday there come around 30 more people with handicap various age who come from the districts and 10:30 h to 15:30 h they also join the activities, like ceramics, arts, handicrafts, physical activities, quilt sewing, etc. There is a psychologist who consults individually, carries out group activities and relaxation sessions.
Clients choose the activities individually according to their hobbies. Wednesdays there is another group of 7 people who come – 4 people have physical disabilities – cannot walk, the rest have psychical disability but are partially independent, they can take care of their hygiene, dressing up, eating. Every Friday three more people with psychical disability come over and join ceramics workshops.

In the children daycare centre there come around 16 kids everyday at age 8-16, 9 boys and 7 girls. They can use computers, do their homework, play ping-pong, basketball, board games, do handicrafts, prepare various celebrations, puppet theatre plays, etc. It is safe environment for them after school where they can improve their creative abilities, learn to communicate in more constructive way and have means to more constructive leisure time then that at home or on the street.

All in all, here at the Center people having social or medical problems have an opportunity to develop communication and self-expression skills. When they take part in various activities provided at the Center, they improve their social relations, they also can train better their sensory systems and they do not feel so lonely.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC no: 941325831 | Last updated on 24/07/2018

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Access for disadvantaged

Disabilities - special needs