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ICM Jindrichuv Hradec z.s.

(ICM Jindřichův Hradec z.s.)

description of organisation

ICM is a place where, anonymously and free of charge, provides comprehensive and timely information of various paths of life for young people based on their needs and requirements, in an appropriate manner according to their age and capabilities. Information should conform with the principles of the European Youth Information Charter. Although the target group centres, mainly young people from 15 to 26 years old, ICM guarantees an equal access to the information to all young people without distinction.An important activity of our Youth Information Centre Jindřichův Hradec is the implementation and participation in projects organized within the framework of Erasmus +.From February 2015 to January 2016 ICM hosted a Spanish volunteer in project I want to be different.Project "I want to be different II” is developed to promote voluntary work in JindřichůvHradec area (the Czech Republic), to activate local people and promote multiculturalism.Jindřichův Hradec is a town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It hasapproximately 22,700 inhabitants. The main objectives of this project are:1. Improve the level of competencies and skills of young community, young people involvedin the project activities, volunteer, mentor and youth workers in our organization.2. Promote intercultural dialogue3. Promote social inclusion and solidarity4. Promote active citizenshipLong term voluntary service will be a great opportunity to go deeper into the activities ofvarious institutions and organizations, to learn about their specific priorities and workingmethods. Through participation in various meetings and activities volunteers will be preparedto initiate and implement their own workshops. Equal workload between work in differentschools and in the foundation will allow them to develop the working methods and exchangeof international experiences. All volunteer activities will be conducted under the supervisionof coordinators and mentors. Youth from the whole region will take some advantages fromthe project.We believe that through that project our local community would be more open for foreigners,more tolerant and more active on local and international level.