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Cooperativa di solidarietà sociale Paolo Babini società cooperativa sociale

Cooperativa di solidarietà sociale Paolo Babini società cooperativa sociale

Via Andrea Dragoni 75/M, 47122, Forlì, Italy  - +39054323905

description of organisation

The cooperative of social solidarity Paolo Babini was founded in Forli in 1987, as a natural evolution of an experience of volunteering with the aim of
-promoting solidarity and to host marginalized people
-sharing with anyone in need in view of its autonomy and its social inclusion
-supporting initiatives that have as their purpose the promotion of the person in all its potential and the defense of its rights.
We meet these values through:
• the development of educational services, innovative and socially useful
• the promotion of a network job with stakeholders in the local area.
The cooperative operates in an area where it is increasingly clear the need for educational interventions for the prevention and recovery of child's discomfort; follow up of disabled children and not in a process of social integration and consolidation of the autonomy necessary for adult life.The services are a response to these needs by involving,in view of a network work,family,school,volunteering and institutions.
The cooperative operates through several centers,all based in Forlì and close to each other that are divided into different types according to the users:
1) Houses for children/adolescents:
Live-in communities: they represent a protected environment for 20 children and adolescents and ensure a family-like climate, indispensable for the growth of young people with fewer opportunities. In these centres, the professional staff together with a “normal” family offer a point of reference by sharing with the users all aspects of their daily life. Young people are involved in the activities related to the management of the house (tyding up of bedrooms and kitchen, little maintenance works, etc.) according to their age, free time and skills, always supported by the staff. Every week there is a meeting between the educators and the young hosts in order to talk about the experience lived daily in the house, to discuss the relationships within it and to plan together some aspects of the common life: activities, going-outs, shopping. During the week-end, different activities are organized, possibly outside the house, such as trips to the seaside or to the near hills; horse-riding or skating; cinema, bowling, football matches and parties.
2) Daily Centre for children/adolescents:
Educational centres: there are two centres which host 80 children and adolescents form 6 to 15 years of age, some with fewer opportunities, and aim at promoting a better quality of life for young people and their families, at preventing youth problems and sustaining the parents. The activities of the centres are mainly the following:
-Tutoring: the staff organize small study groups in which young people do their homeworks, search additional information and are helped with eventual learning difficulties. The educators usually create the right situation for the learning activities through a context of signifying relationships between children/adolescents of the same age.
- Workshops and Atelier: the workshops are places in which young people “learn by doing” and “do in order to learn”. There are different types of workshops from corporal expression to the creation of objects, from reading and writing to music and art.
3) Young people with disabilities:
The cooperative provides a unique service in the city of Forli accompanying adolescents and young people with disabilities through the "Progetto Autonomia" involving 10 boys (15-18 years) and the project "Un po' di tempo per me" involving 25 boys ages 18 and older.
These projects provide personalized paths in small groups managed by two educators and several volunteers peers of the young that facilitate the integration and learning in an informal context.
The cooperative has recently inaugurated the innovative project"Piada 52"that, through the construction of a kiosk/bar for the production of piadina in the park of his district,shall conduct job placement for young people and disadvantaged people.It aims to employ at least 2young people per year for the management of the kiosk, about 15boys in the activities related to the events and at least 2per year among persons with disabilities,single mothers or youngs from foster homes.
Thanks to the project"Piada 52"these young people have the possibility to experiment and acquire professional skills in a workplace protected and always accompanied by specialized personnel.
4) Elderly people
The cooperative handles the"Hospitality House"a day center for the elderly with special reference to those in the parish; the number of guests varies depending on the self-sufficiency of the elderly and human resources available currently accommodates20people. Objectives:
-Propose the elders to live in the conviviality to relieve their solitude
-Welcome and assist the elders by facilitating socialization
-Enhancing the know-how of the elders to make them feel useful to others
-Stimulate the citizens to visit them
-Implement initiatives involving other public and private org.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Inclusion categoryReceiving projectsSending projectsCoordinating projectsHosting organisationSupporting organisation
Social obstacles
Geographical obstacles
Economic obstacles

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

Scope Volunteering

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PIC no: 940614918 | Last updated on 24/11/2015

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Inclusion - equity

Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)

Disabilities - special needs