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Samorzadowe Przedszkole nr 92 Dworek na Krzemionkach


description of organisation

Kindergarten no 92 is situated in two buildings resembling historical villas, surrounded by big, beautiful gardens. Buildings can be found on the mounts of Krzemionki Podgorskie, close to the historical city centre but away from busy roads and traffic, which brings about a perfect atmosphere for development and relaxation. The whole area is green and pleasant to walk around, including famous green park ‘Bednarskiego’.The vision and mission of the kindergarten is focused on the development of cultural awareness and identity, as well as emotional and creative expression through art and music. All the classes and workshops in the kindergarten are based on healthy and ecological lifestyle.Children learning in kindergarten are 3-6 years old and they come from Podgorze district. Volunteers will assist teachers mainly in the youngest groups (3/4 y.o) but it is also possible that they will be asked to help with older groups, for example during excursions or theatre visits.Volunteers will support children during classes and games. They will help children in hygienic or self-service activities and assist teachers in workshops and educational, artistic and musical activities. They will participate in outside games and events, visits to theatre and other excursions organised by the kindergarten. They will also participate in language classes and according to their preferences – they can run workshops of their own language or any other topic. Volunteers will also have opportunities and space to propose their own activities and events. Kindergarten provides possibilities to take part in additional musical, dance and English classes. Teachers are also running interests clubs related to arts, ecology and cooking.During last three years kindergarten hosted 3 volunteers from Ukraine, France and Spain. It also hosted interns from Germany and France for a shorter period of time.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Inclusion categoryReceiving projectsSending projectsCoordinating projects
Social obstacles
Geographical obstacles
Cultural differences