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Gemeinde Ladbergen - Jugendzentrum

Gemeinde Ladbergen - Jugendzentrum

Gemeinde Ladbergen

Auf dem Rott 12, 49549, Ladbergen, Germany - +4954852760

description of organisation

The youth center Ladbergen has meanwhile been existing for 25 years and is the center of youth in Ladbergen. The house is run by 2 full-time workers, is well equipped and is located in the center. The priorities include the International Youth Work (integration of foreign younsters, exchange projects, voluntary service), a low-threshold offer, experiential learning projects and the girls work under construction. The visitors have predominantly an immigrant background. For them the contact with the volunteers is important. The experience- exchange and meeting people of other cultures and ways of life will take place on an otherwise not shown fileformat level. Furthermore, the idea of voluntary service is brought closer. The facility promotes individual initiative and is supported by a volunteer team. The house is also in charge of the summer holiday program. The main idea of the youth center is to offer children and young people experience space, so they can spend their free time after school and during the holidays. The youth center provides every young person a place where he can meet his friends and other young people. The activities are geared to the needs of children and young people from rural areas. The volunteer should bring an international flair to the house and to visitors to arouse their interest in other cultures and different lifestyles. We want to promote the inclusion of a volunteer for more tolerance and respect towards strangers and break down prejudices against the unknown.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy