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"Nagyító"- Középiskolások Iskolán Kívüli Képzése Alapítvány

(Nagyító Alapítvány)

beschrijving van de organisatie

We launched the ‘Nagyító’ (‘Magnifier’) personality and community development programme in 1995. We were searching for a kind of non-formal education, where education and teaching could mediate morality. Our non formal learning and educational programme offers a different framework for teaching than the one commonly applied in secondary schools. Our aim is to provide training that conveys useful knowledge directly related to everyday life, helps to pratice skills, transmits values, and promotes team building.

Nagyító organizes weekend seminars for youngsters between 14 and 18. These training sessions are provided by our volunteers, who are young professionals, and university students.
The seminars aim to develop the personality of the participants, to raise their awareness for social responsibility, and to create a real community among them. While dealing with various topics, the participants acquire skills that are nearly impossible to learn in the traditional educational framework, such as communication skills, decision making, plan making, cooperation skills. Instead of the frontal work in classes, during these trainings we put emphasis on the experience based tasks and assignments in small groups (10-12 person). We concentrate on dealing with all the aspects of the issue they choose to work with, both on intellectual and emotional level.
Topics of the seminars:
• Self-knowledge
• Communication
• Addictions
• Love, relationships
• Tolerance
• Advertisement
• Community
• Career orientation

We offer also trainings for our volunteers, that enables them to be good group leaders in the training sessions for youngsters. These trainings are offered yearly two-three time. The volunteers can first take part on a basic seminar, where they can have an experience of our Nagyító seminars. Later, they can also join other seminars or programmes for the volunteers, and can also haven practice on a pupils seminar too. Volunteers work always together, so beginners get a mentor as helper to develop their knowledge and skills.

We have other national and international projects for example conferences, method books, international trainings.


This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

IntegratiecategorieOntvangende organisatieUitzendende organisatieCoördinerende organisatie
Cultural differences
Geographical obstacles
Economic obstacles