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International Organization for Migration Mission to Moldova

description of organisation

Established in 1951, International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM Mission to Moldova was opened in 2001. In the same year IOM has opened Centre for Assistance and Protection for Victims and Potential Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings (CAP).

IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people. IOM works in partnership with the Moldovan government, international intergovernmental organizations as well as local NGOs on all aspects of migration, including developing capacities to manage migration flows, developing international cooperation, leveraging migration for development, better protecting the migrants' rights, providing guidance on migration legislation, improving migration management and border management and combating trafficking in human beings.

The staff of organization consists of 36 staff workers in different units of IOM, which speak fluently English and also Romanian and Russian (the most common languages for Moldova). There are 2 volunteers at the moment. The working days are Monday – Friday, working hours: 9.:00 -18:00.

The main areas of activity of IOM Chisinau are:
Migration and Development Program - IOM's Migration and Development programme includes activities such as the development of the National Remittances Programme, facilitating the participation of migrants in voting abroad, capacity building for the Ministry of Economy and Trade, Consular Department of the MFAEI and Ministry of Health, improving data collection on remittances and health workers’ mobility, improving the financial literacy of migrant workers and their families, facilitation of linkages of remittances with financial services, building bridges with diasporas, assessing the impact of migration on the public health sector etc.

Migration Management - IOM's initiatives in this field aim to enable the Government of Moldova to build its capacity to develop policies for efficient migration management, based on enhanced data collection and analysis. Improved knowledge, data collection and analysis are an imperative prerequisite for the achievement of this goal.

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration - This programme aims to enhance comprehensive long-term reintegration of Moldovan returnees from EU countries (Austria, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Central European countries) through conciliation, professional orientation, and vocational and business training.

Prevention and Protection (Counter-Trafficking) - The programme has two major elements: (1) protection and assistance of victims of trafficking and at-risk cases, and (2) proactive prevention. The programme is part and in tune of general strategic initiative started by IOM with mains stakeholders in Moldova in 2006 in the area of protection and prevention through establishment of the National Referral System for (potential) Victims of Human Trafficking. The approach spans from assistance development and support of services (like support of centres working with the target groups, launching Trust line for victims of domestic violence in Transnitria region, etc), capacity building of relevant authorities based on multi-disciplinary and human rights approach, to awareness-raising by information seminars, peer-to-peer education, and promotion of safe migration through support of Hotlines in both Moldova and the Transnistria Region.

Participants with fewer opportunities

  • This organisation has additional mentoring or other support suitable for young people with social obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences or similar.

Volunteering project

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International Organization for Migration Mission to Moldova
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Sep 2018 to Sep 2019
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EVS Opportunity with IOM Moldova
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Feb 2017 to Feb 2018
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31/12/2037 full