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description of organisation

Tallinna Meelespea Kindergarden is waiting for volunteer(s), who are interested in working with children from 1,5 to 7 years old. The main tasks of volunteer(s) are:
plan educational activities with the teachers
participate in planned activities
participate in children's free time games
We are looking for a person who will love children and to spend time with them.

• In volunteer service in our kindergarden the volunteers have opportunity to learn basic skills about preschool education, also how to deal with conflicts and to resolve different problems. We offer Estonian language courses. Volunteers have opportunity to learn about Estonian culture and ethnicity
• Volunteers will be involved in work with children and to communicating with them. It gives opportunity to communicate with children in different cultural background and age groups. The volunteer will give the children opportunity to get to know people from different countries. Children will hear new languages and learn to accept different people around them.
• The tasks of volunteers are involved with the timetable of the group. The volunteers will help to spend children free time by playing different games with them and creating out-door activates. They help children with dressing, having breakfast together with children and teachers, arranging indoor and outdoor activities, helping teachers in managing activities and making their own activities (creative workshops and language lessons, sport competitions, games or any other type of interesting activities for children). Volunteer will be guided by teachers of kindergarden.