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Tallinn Sports and Youth Department is one of the Tallinn City Governments' departments. Tallinn City Government is lead by Tallinn City Council. Tallinn Sports and Youth Department coordinates and develops youth work and sport in Tallinn. Department creates, coordinates and improves leisure time possibilities for citizens, including youth between 7-26. Department is responsible for sport facilities network in Tallinn, but also coordinates and develops the network of municipal youth centers. Sports and Youth Department also contributes to the work of NGOs, youth associations, youth camps and other organizations working with youngsters by giving financial support and offering counselling, training and other services. Department administers sport and youth information system in Tallinn, participates in national and international sport and youth work networks and projects.. Department initiates researches, analyses work results and statistics relevant for planning youth and sport work.

The volunteers will have many people supporting his/her development in TSYD, mainly his/her co-workers, the international youth work specialist and mentor. Mostly these people will give to volunteer all the practical information about life in Tallinn and help him/her to adapt in the local community. They will also be the support on reflecting about volunteer's learning process and helping him/her to realize his/her own ideas and projects.
The volunteer will be provided with all the practical instruments while having his/her EVS project in Tallinn. S/he will be provided with the basic Estonian language course individually or with a small group. It will mainly last during the first months of EVS projects, but if the volunteer has extra initiative and possibilities to keep on studying the language then TSYD is supporting it in any possible way.
In TSYD the co-workers will also give much support and advice to the volunteer regarding work related topics and local youth issues. A lot of learning will be done through active “learning-by-doing” method. There are also some training courses about youth work organized by/with TSYD, so if the volunteer wishes, s/he will be always included in the group of participants.
The volunteers are expected to work side by side with other workers as supporting team-members. This means that the volunteer will be a colleague who’s job is to help in any activities needed and to lead activities brought up by the volunteer him/herself. The biggest value stands in the enrichment process where both partners, the volunteer and host organization, can learn from each other and can share experiences.
The work in TSYD is divided into three main categories:
• Mobile youth work
Here, the main activities of the volunteer will be to work with young people directly in the streets, shopping malls and other gathering places of youth under the supervision of mobile youth workers. The main tasks will be to observe the situation and take contact with the young people in order to give them information about their possibilities.
• Youth information
In the youth information center volunteer will share the youth information by introducing the EVS program and other international opportunities in school lessons and public events organized by the information center. Depending on the skills and interests of the volunteer, s/he can also help in managing the web and social media channels and designing youth information materials.
• Events
Apart from the everyday life of mobile youth work and youth information, TSYD is also organizing special events like the annual Tallinn Youth Week, Leisure Time Fair "Novaata", Tallinn Youth Work Forum, Tallinn Youth Worker contest and contest of best youth projects and activities "Big Snail". Organizing special events also requires help from many people. The volunteer can carry out smaller tasks when organizing an event or start a totally new event him/herself if desired.
The tasks of the volunteer will be divided between these three categories. A regular day could for example look like this that in the morning the volunteer is helping workers to organize an upcoming event, in the afternoon the volunteer could be leading a information lesson in school and in the evening doing mobile youth work in the street.
If the volunteer has his/her own ideas for events or project then all is possible, because TSYD deals with many kinds of projects (international youth exchanges, training courses, youth council etc.). The tasks and activities of the volunteer will vary depending on his/her skills and interests.
Volunteer will be working 5 days per week, usually from Monday to Friday, approximately 6-7 hours per day. If there is a special event which acquires volunteer working during the weekend, s/he will have the day(s) off according to the agreement between volunteer and the hosting organization.

Department distributes financial support and participates actively in citywide and international sport and youth events. The City of Tallinn represented by Sports and Youth Department held the chair of the Commission on Youth Issues of the Union of the Baltic Cities during the period 2008-2013 and coordinated effectively the international network of cities on theme of youth issues.

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This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

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