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Märjamaa Valla Noortekeskus

Märjamaa Valla Noortekeskus

Märjamaa Valla Noortekeskus

Tehnika 11, 78304, Märjamaa, Estonia


description of organisation

Current EVS service is coordinated by NGO Eesti erinoorsootöö Ühing noOR. Volunteers interested in applying for a position please contact noOR EVS coordinators by email:

Märjamaa Youth Centre is a governmental organisation which works in local level. It was established 2007 to arrange local young people’s spare time. It also has a prevention function to avoid violence, alcoholism and drug addiction among youngsters of Märjamaa. The Centre cooperates with teachers, psychologist and police to direct children in to the Centre instead of playing on the streets.

The children can study, communicate and play with the other children in the centre. Every week there is a different event like a pancake day, art day etc. Youth Centre has different art classes (multimedia, music room, robotics, room where can dance), camping club, girls club.

Märjamaa Youth Centre has 6 workers, a director, landlady and three youth workers in Märjamaa youth center, one youth worker in Sipa youth center and one youth worker in Varbola youth center. There are around 40-70 youths daily in the Centre in age 7-26. The main age group is in age 10-17. The Centre in Märjamaa is open Monday to Friday 13.00 – 20.00. Sometimes there are events also on Saturday. All of the activities are free for the youth. Centre receives most of materials for its work from the Municipality of Märjamaa and from different projects. Sipa youth center is open Monday to Friday 13.00-19.00 and there is one youth worker. The main age group is 7-15. There are around 7-13 youths daily in the center. In the Sipa youth center is gym.

Proposed activities
Hosting international volunteer will bring new experience and fresh atmosphere to the Centre. The volunteer will broaden children’s horizon and motivate them to think about their future. He/she also will raise intercultural awareness among the children and the staff and will give new reason for the children to visit the Centre.

This project has educational value for the volunteer. It is a chance for him/her to get the experience of social work and pedagogical work with kids in a different society. The Centre will give to the volunteer a place and children to realise his/her ideas. The children are very open and ready to try new and interesting activities. The volunteer will have good support to find best activities for him/herself. Direct contact with locals the volunteer have an opportunity to get to know Estonian country. It is also a chance for the young volunteer to develop his/her skills and personality through activities and helping children.
Volunteer will be involved in every activity they have in the Centre (different events, outings etc).

Volunteer is more than welcome to take initiative and propose his/her own ideas for the leisure time activities. Diversity in the activities will enrich children’s life and they learn to appreciate different values.

There are many possibilities to spend leisure time in Märjamaa Youth Centre. There are dance courses for different age groups, art and creativity courses, robotics, music room. In the Centre they can also play pool, play table tennis and different board games. There are also computers in the Centre. Outside there are a basketball field, skate park and many chances to go hiking etc.

The activities for the volunteer in the Märjamaa Youth Centre are seen as follows:
* Preparing and organising different activities for the children (games, sports etc). Every day in the youth centre we offer different activities. Volunteer can play board games with youngsters, do art projects with them, play different sports outside (football, volleyball) and also in the skate park.
* Helping to prepare and organise different culture events. Also we organize different projects about youth healthcare. We organize different workshops and lectures in schools and other youth centres. Volunteer can help with the planning and conducting.
* Arranging outings, excursions, exhibitions, etc. We have an adventure club, where we go camping and do military exercises. Also we organize camps for children where we do different sport, adventure activities and art projects.
* Presenting his/her own country and culture as a part of the intercultural learning. Volunteer can organize intercultural evenings/days in the youth centre or in other community institutions (retirement home, kindergarten, nursing home, school) where he/she introduces different dishes, talk about traditions, show movies etc.
* Helping children with foreign language studies . Volunteer can communicate in the centre with the youngsters and through that help them with language studies.
*Assisting tutors in their activities.

The division of the tasks may be changed and adapted for certain volunteer, depending on his/her interests and skills. If the volunteer likes, he/she could lead one activity group his/her own. New ideas and proposals to enrich children’s life are very important for the Centre.

The working day will be around 7 hours; working week will not exceed 35 hours. Volunteer will have 2 days a week off, which is not necessarily on weekend.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

Scope Volunteering

Role Expiry date
PIC no: 934613237 | Last updated on 24/08/2018

Organisation topics

Creativity and culture

Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong)learning

Recognition (non-formal and informal learning/credits)