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Engelli Egitim Kultur Saglik Spor Vakfi Antalya Subesi

Engelli Egitim Kultur Saglik Spor Vakfi Antalya Subesi

Engelli Eğitim Kültür Sağlık Spor Vakfı Antalya Subesi

Şelale Mahallesi 7388 Sokak Beyazevler Sitesi No: 8 Posta Kodu: 07020 Varsak Kepez / ANTALYA / TURKEY, 07020, Antalya, Turkey - +902422475076

beschrijving van de organisatie

The foundation is established on the purpose of ensuring the improvements of disabled people in all respects with the solving of their problems in respect of education, health, sport, rehabilitation, employment, maintenance and social security; removing the obstacles that they are facing; engaging in activities that ensure their participation to the society; paving the way that the disabled people can maintain their life primarily in the medium which they were exist in health, peace and safety and the way that they can become taking care of theirselves and become productive; engaging in activities that ease the temporal and permanent care of these people who are needy; guiding for the participation of the families of disabled people to this activities; training the disabled people for an occupation that they can do in accordance with their abilities; providing them for profession; conducting studies for that the individuals can procure their own personal development and acquire proper jobs and abilities in capability development centres that set up by real people and legal entities, different types of sheltered workshops and exclusive workplaces; engaging in activities of informing, formation, guidance and consultancy activities about the disabled people and their families; supervising the policies that are made for the disabled people and making contribution to them within possibility if possible; researching into the problems of the disabled people and the solutions; researching and examining about the emerging problems; preparing projects and offers about this issue.


This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

IntegratiecategorieOntvangende organisatieUitzendende organisatieCoördinerende organisatieGastorganisatieSupporting organisation
Social obstacles
Economic obstacles

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

Scope Ik ga vrijwilligerswerk doen

Role Vervaldatum
PIC no: 933734611 | Last updated on 24/08/2018


Mensen met een beperking of leerproblemen