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Maria ja lapsed

Maria ja lapsed

Maria ja lapsed

Kooli 3, 42202, Tudulinna, Estonia

  - +37256151175

description of organisation

Current EVS service is coordinated by NGO Eesti erinoorsootöö Ühing noOR. Volunteers interested in applying for a position please contact noOR EVS coordinators by email: Maria ja Lapsed has participated in EVS since 2010 and already hosted 5 volunteers. The aim of the NGO Maria ja Lapsed is to take care of the children left without parental care (22 children), to make them be reliable, educated and Estonian speaking active citizens. The idea is to support their independent and critical thinking, understanding of the society and reliable and friendly relationship in the community. The main activities of the organisation are supporting children’s growth and preparing them for the independent life.The orphanage is small which helps to create cosy and safe environment for the children.Sample of activities, where volunteer can participate in the orphanage are following: sending children to school and kindergarten; in the evening picking up children from school/kindergarten; settlement of homework, studying; taking kids for a walk, playing with them, cooking with kids and the caretaker, handycraft and drawing with kids, helping oragnize orphanage events (for example Children's Day on 1st June, Christmas party etc), helping caretakers on trips etc. Main role is to give children quality time. Caretakers are like mothers with many tasks (taking care of kids, studying with kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry etc) and aren't able to give kids as much quality time as they would like to. With the help of a volunteer it's possible. We love it when volunteers have new ideas and support them with making those ideas come true if possible. For example to add something different to the everyday lives of our kids why not throw them a disco party or just play dress up and have a fashion show, build a snowtown with kids or teach them recycling by using playful activities etc. In orphanage it's always something to do and our volunteers have no time to get bored. Even if they run out of ideas what to do kids will invite them to take part in their games and activities and often inspire our volunteers. By choice and when help is needed the volunteer may also work on weekends, when doing so the volunteer can then pick a day off whenever he/she wishes. Working during the weekend is good because the children are home and he/she can plan activities with the children so that everyone can take part. Weekends are the main assignment leisure premises in the yard, where in the room. Sports, hiking, walking outdoors is one of the top priority. We have children go to music schools, learn to dance and take part theatre group.We give our volunteers choice. The main work is done in our orphanage but they can choose if they want to work in other organisations near us as well.Options are:- children in the Avinurme kindergarden and school- in the center for the mentally disabled people in Avinurme.Working in the orphanage the volunteer has a wonderful opportunity to work with children of different ages ranging form 1-18. Different activities on different days allow something new and interesting every day. We have introduced options to work in other organisations to our previous volunteers and they have always been interested. They are never obliged to do that, but we give them a choice to add some variety to their project. Our previous volunteers loved to work in the center for mentally disabled people and were welcomed there very well. They had a great contact with the people there and gained a great experience. The volunteer will work maximum 36 hours a week having two consecutives days in the weekend as free time. If there are specific weekend activities, the free days can be negotiable. The volunteer will have 2 days per month of voluntary project as vacations either. Volunteer will also receive min. of 36 academic hours of Estonian language classes.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC no: 932743562 | Last updated on 30/06/2016

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Entrepreneurial learning - entrepreneurship education

Disabilities - special needs

Healthy lifestyle, active ageing