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"Mladiinfo Poland"

opis organizacije

Mladiinfo Poland was established in 2015 by two political science student who wanted support leadership attitude among youth in Poland. This’s non-profit organization based in Warsaw, Poland. Mladiinfo concentrated own work on the topic: education, mobility, creative and critical thinking. Organization is supporting young people groups by workshop, seminars, project and information: internships, trainings, conferences, volunteering and other opportunities in whole EU as well as in Poland. Mladiinfo use new media as a communication channel with youth (Facebook www.facebook.com/MladiinfoPoland, Instagram www.instagram.com/youth_activator_polska, Snapchat). Thanks to cooperation agreement with Center of Information Technologies, Mlladiinfo’s office is located at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyńki University’s (UKSW) student campus in Warsaw, with almost 20 000 regular students. In cooperation with international partners all around Europe Mladiinfo Poland applied for Erasmus+ projects. In the project writing, the organization work closely with student scientific circles at UKSW but also with volunteers from municipality Wiązowna, rural area near Warsaw. Mladiinfo Poland is a branch of Mladiinfo International – a registered network with the seat in Skopje and applied for membership in Polish Council of Youth Organizations.