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MONTIS - Associação de Conservação da Natureza

MONTIS - Associação de Conservação da Natureza

Urbanização Sampaio, lote 21, 3670, Vouzela, Portugal

http://montisacn.blogspot.pt - +351 912996340

descripción de la organización:

Montis is a Nature Conservation NGO. Has been founded in March 2014, it is based in Vouzela, Portugal and its mission is to produce biodiversity through the sustainable management of natural heritage with emphasis on public participation and transparency.
Main objective is to ensure the development of natural processes, to promote the conservation of indigenous species and increase the market value of biodiversity.

Montis started his activity in the mountains surrounding the Vouga and Paiva rivers (Freita, Arada, Montemuro, Lapa, Caramulo), center Portugal, where it has concentrated his activity. However, intends to act at national level.

Montis has at the moment 155 hectares of properties under management, dedicated to environmental conservation and protection. 5 hectares belong to Montis, bought trough crowdfunding, and 150 hectares by management agreements.
Montis believes in an informed, open, participated and economically sustainable management of natural heritage, executing interventions in the properties mainly based on a small voluntary program. The monthly voluntary program (2nd Sunday of each month), which is dedicated to interventions in the areas under Montis management, allows the members or other interested people to directly donate their time and efforts and as consequence. Montis also organizes a monthly hike for his members, always looking for a different theme, like fire, mushrooms, forest management, etc. Usually the walks are close to Vouzela, in the mountains of the Caramulo and Arada/Freita, sometimes integrating the properties that Montis has under management.

Furthermore, following a successful second crowdfunding campaign, recently was realized the first two of four planned natural engineering workshops, structured to capacitate individuals with an alternative and low intensity intervention tools.
The main focus of Montis are the members (389 in the actual moment), members with a wide range of age, formation, life history, etc., elements that creates difficulties in the definition of a target group, however those are the same elements that creates richness by positively promoting discussions and an open sight. Nevertheless, the members have at least one thing in common, that is the belief that the nature conservation and biodiversity matters.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC no: 920921784 | Last updated on 24/08/2018

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Medio ambiente y cambio climático