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ACLI BERGAMO Associazioni Cristiane Lavoratori Italiani

ACLI BERGAMO Associazioni Cristiane Lavoratori Italiani

Via San Bernardino 59, 24122, Bergamo, Italy - +39035210284

description of organisation

Acli Bergamo, is an association for the social promotion born in 1944 by the inspiration of Achille Grandi.
Acli Bergamo, forming part of Acli Italia, is an association for the social promotion born in 1944 by the inspiration of Achille Grandi, led by a view bearing the stamp of Christianity.
Its main aims are:
- Delivery of social services for workers and disadvantaged people;
- Promotion of Citizenship education;
- Promotion of Interreligious dialogue.
The association counts to date 880.031 members and provides services for 3 millions people throughout Italy. Thanks to its capillary presence in the society it tries to encourage forms of participation and democracy among the citizens, who represent the target group. The association is now actively present in 30 countries around the world both giving assistance to Italian people and carrying out social initiative in some poor countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Balkans and Africa.
The main services delivered are:
- Caf Acli, service for tax return and related activities;
- Patronato Acli, assistance and protection in the field of social security, social welfare and health;
- Enaip, vocational and education training center for both youth and adults;
- Cai, supportive service for farmers’ business;
- Acli Arts and entertainment, service aimed at the promotion of the associations operating in the field of arts, cinema, dance etc …
- Cta (Acli tourist center), aimed at the promotion of the responsible and cultural tourism;
- Fap (old-age pensioners federation), helps the retired and elderly people to approach the public services more easily giving them the chance to stay active in the society;
- Women coordination, aimed at promoting women’s participation in the society, thus gender equality within work, welfare, family and Christian life.
- USAcli, to encourage sport as a form of socialization and self-help among the youth.
- Non solo Rimini, peace education program that involves young volunteers in alternative vacations, in Italy and Europe, so as to widen their cultural and historical knowledge of Europe;
- Ipsia, non-profit Organization, promoted by Acli, aimed at turning initiatives of international cooperation into valuable experiences for the youth. In particular it builds partnerships with civil society corps to support initiative in favor of war victims;
- Acli Colf, service for the families who look for domestic help, it helps especially in “job matching”.
- Of great importance the effort made in the immigration field: assistance and guidance for immigrants in legal procedures, family reunification and job search.
- Many faiths under the same sky, cultural initiative aimed at promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue through the realization of meetings, events, debates and training sessions -also for high schools- hold by popular people coming both from Italy and from different religious and cultural background.
Besides, Acli Bergamo organizes a five meeting course on legality, once a year, giving the local schools the opportunity to intervene on important topics like Mafia. Acli has built a partnership with Libera, which is an Italian association committed to building up synergies between political and cultural realities to promote the culture of legality.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

Scope Volunteering

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PIC no: 914680901 | Last updated on 08/02/19

Organisation topics

Inclusion - equity

Ethics, religion and philosophy (incl. Inter-religious dialogue)

Social dialogue