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A Modo Loro

A Modo Loro

A Modo Loro

Via Savonarola, 41, 70017, Putignano (BA), Italy


description of organisation

A Modo Loro is a social Cooperative based in Putignano, in the province of Bari. It has been active since the August 2013. Its corporate purpose is:
- the management of diurnal and residential centers of support, homeless shelters, foster care and socialization centers;
- the management of residential and semi-residential structures in favor of children, disabled, elderly people, people with psychosocial problems;
- school support activities;
- activities of screening, assessment and rehabilitation of learning disabilities;
- childcare;
- rehabilitation activities and services, support and social reintegration;
- activities of awareness raising and animation of the local community within which the cooperative operates, in order to make it more conscious and open to the attention and welcoming of people in need;
- educational and cultural socialization activities and free time activities, with organization of school and work camps.
A modo Loro directs its services in particular to minors, through the activities of socio-educational Center and, in summer, of summer camps. Apart from these, the Cooperative also offers some services addressed to individuals, such as assessment of learning disabilities, speech therapy and psychomotricity.
Since September 2013 A modo Loro has been managing a socio-educational day center which hosts 30 children with socialization problems and those exposed to the risk of marginalization, in constant collaboration with all the local institutes that deal with children (Social Services, local health services, schools, Juvenile Court etc.). The center offers the possibility to dine, study, play and perform laboratory activities.
The Centre also pays special attention to children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), through diagnostic assessments, rehabilitation and after-school activities specialized in SLD. After-school activities provide educational support to students who have difficulties at school, in order to achieve adequate levels of performance and promote better school and social integration. The educational intervention involves small homogeneous groups, through personalized learning paths that help young people to carry out their school homework with appropriate methods and tools.
Afterschool activities targets children with learning disabilities during the entire school year, by identifying with them the most effective strategies for every child. The activities aim to teach to children autonomy in the study and acquisition of skills. Each student learns to study and to do homework with the PC with the help of operators specialized in SLD and study strategies.
The activities of the Center are oriented primarily towards four specific areas, through prevention and educational development interventions:
- the field of social disadvantage and poverty, in which fall all those who live in suburban districts or who, for reasons related to the context or to particular existential paths, have a disadvantage in access to resources compared to other individuals of the same community;
- the field of school dropout, specifically of the spread of phenomena of abandonment and discontinuity in schooling, and which is, at the same time, an indicator of social disadvantage, but also a trigger of marginality and social exclusion;
- the field of the maximum solicitation of personal resources of each child;
- the field of learning disabilities.
The main activities of the Center concern:
- welcoming and assistance at the beginning and the end of the service;
- school support, in particular referred to the method of study and understanding of the text;
- specific educational workshops to support individual educational path of each student (metacognitive, graphomotor laboratories, those related to self-esteem etc.);
- organization of educational and recreational activities structured on objectives of socialization and development of creative and proposal abilities;
- canteen service;
- scheduled meetings with parents for verification and evaluation of individual situations;
- informative meetings with parents and teachers to ensure the continuity of the educational method;
- information-training activities and support for parental skills, on SLD and other issues.
In summer, A Modo Loro organizes summer Center, during which it alternates activities with the aim to consolidate aggregation in Putignano districts, activities in nature, free games and trips to the beach or out of town.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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