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"Kluboteka Dojrzalego Czlowieka"

"Kluboteka Dojrzalego Czlowieka"

Lanciego 13 lok. U9, 00-792, Warszawa, Poland

www.kluboteka.info - +48223702929

descrizione dell'organizzazione

The origins of Kluboteka

Our foundation, „Kluboteka for Mature People”, is a unique place situated in the heart of Ursynów district in Warsaw. Our foundation was created in 2011. Two friends, Magda and Irena, had a dream of creating a place where Seniors would “feel at home”.The facility that houses Kluboteka is provided by Magda and Irena.
At Kluboteka, Seniors can study, further develop their own interests and skills, and make new friends.
Space and time are available for socializing over snacks and tea/coffee.
Friendships and support groups develop here.
Joys and sorrows are shared.
Most Seniors can find something beneficial here.
Classes in foreign languages (English, German, Italian, Russian), handicrafts, boardgames, photography, and painting are available. Members have opportunity to exhibit their art, photography, and craft work.
We offer memory training workshops to stimulate the brain.
For emotional enrichment and contentment, we offer psychological workshops such as laughter therapy.
We try to “keep up with the times” by exposing Seniors to computer skill development. We offer computer workshops, using members’ own computers, as well as lectures about internet security and digital threats.
We organize meetings with interesting people, concerts, games and tours.
To promote physical activity, members participate in festivals, parades and conferences away from Kluboteka.
Kluboteka is about experiencing positive aspects of aging, mutual kindness, and giving of oneself to others.

Youth at Kluboteka

We encourage young people to work together with us in Kluboteka .
We invite them to share their interests with us, i.e telling their stories of extraordinary journeys within the Travelers Club. We work with universities. Students hold their internships in Kluboteka under our care.
We cooperate with kindergartens and schools.
Kluboteka has organized youth meetings with survivors and prisoners of concentration camps of Auschwitz and Ravensbruck KL.
These meetings initiated a major project in L. Kossuth High School in Ursynów District.
Thanks to Kluboteka and its initiative a modern mural called Ravensbruck was created on the wall of this school.

Kluboteka’s Future

Kluboteka’s doors are open-wide to all and everyone.
We constantly expand our activities proposals and offers.
We can see how badly our initiatives were needed
We have more and more members, who create the program and atmosphere of the place. The resulting poems and songs about Kluboteka.

Invitation to Kluboteka

If you are in Ursynow , we invite you to us to Kluboteki for a nice chat and a hot cup of coffee.
We are always willing to share our own experiences , but above all listen to you.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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