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Caritas für Menschen mit Behinderungen

Caritas für Menschen mit Behinderungen

Caritas invita

Stiftstraße 6, 4090, Engelhartszell, Austria - +437717784025

description of organisation

In the beautiful countryside of Upper Austria – just next to the Danube – in a small village called Engelhartszell – Caritas invita is located. To give you an idea about where Engelhartszell is: it is about 56 kilometers from Linz, the capital of Upper Austria and about 29 kilometres from Passau, Germany. Invita is part of the Upper Austrian Caritas department for “People with disabilities”.

Our daily work reaches out to people who are affected by different sorts of psychological illnesses and degrated performances, and who are in need of psychosocial care and support in order to enhance their autonomy in daily life. Our main housing and working facilities for the clients are situated in Engelhartszell, but we also have farm houses, regular houses or apartments in the near and far urban and suburban regions of Upper Austria. We offer assisted living opportunities, ability-orientated activity groups, and mobile care to about 335 clients. From all 335 clients about 70 live in Engelhartszell and their age ranges from 20 – 80 years.
However, the centre of invita is located in Engelhartszell, which is the place where you will work. Here you will find besides the management and administrative department, different facilities such as the senior’s residence, residential groups, invita’s operational kitchen, as well as some of invita’s activity groups (e.g. the creative group, the gardening team, the car workshop or the laundry shop). Since the client’s living and working facilities and the stuffs working facilities are just next to each other, everyone knows each other and within a short period of time it feels like belonging to a big family.

In respect to activities, invita has lots to offer. Not only do we take trips and have events with our clients, also the personnel is very active. You will have the chance to take part at one or more of our many company excursions, what will give you the possibility, to not only get to know your co-workers better, but also so see either some parts of Austria or to get to know the Austrian culture and tradition better. Besides these excursions we have so called teamdays and other annual events in Engelhartszell such as the annual Christmas, and summer party, the carnival, or the Christmas market. You are also very welcome to involve yourself and your ideas.

Even though the institutional background of the Caritas is the Catholic Church, we are open and warmly welcome every volunteer with other religious or non-religious backgrounds.

This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC no: 911894382 | Last updated on 11/03/2019

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Disabilities - special needs

Creativity and culture