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description of organisation

The Local Democracy Agency was established in Niksic with the support of the Council of Europe on
May 11th 2001 as a local NGO. LDA Montenegro functions within the network of 11 Agencies in the former Yugoslav republics and with the support of the European Association of Local Democracy
Agencies ALDA. LDA MNE is focused on human rights and development of democracy at local level through:
Promotion of initiatives for strengthening local democracy, support and development of civil society with participation of all community elements in decision-making process on the local level, promotion of intercultural dialogue, human rights and education for peace ,combat against racism, intolerance and xenophobia by implementing non-violent solutions, promotion of development civil initiatives with a help of local resources. Our basic target groups are: citizens, local authority employees, elected representatives.
Particular attention is paid to: youth, minorities, women, persons with disabilities. Regular program’s actviries of the Agency are in areas of : -Local democracy -Youth participation - Education of youth on human rights, democracy, civil society etc. - Dissemination of information about EU integrations - Training, Workshops, Conferences organization - Exchanges with foreign partners - (Inter)Cultural events - Publishing program
DA MNE has been in Niiksic for almost two decades. We have developed many partnerships formal and informal. Municipality of Niksic is member of our umbrella network ALDA. Many schools and other institutions are often our partners on projects. For example LDA MNE facilitated building disability bridge for pupils in wheelchair at the elementary school Mileva Lajovic LAlatovic by partially funding it, partially getting funds from applying at Ministry of Education and facilitating organization of fundraising exhibit of oil paintings of former students of this school.
We also cooperate with many CSOs on local level, from SOS line for women and children victims of domestic violence , through Defendologija dealing with the children in risk of bagging, to music festivals organizations such as are : Lake Fest, BEdem Fest and Niksic Guitar Fest ( this last one is public cultural program organized by municipality’s Secretariat for Culture) so it is a wide scope of the volunteering activities that can be organized *or designed as a ESC project* by LDA MNE depending of the volunteers’ affinities and interests.
Regarding our own volunteers we count up to 15 volunteers with different dynamic of participation in our activities and we are focused in their capacity building and we are channel for them to found out about non formal or formal learning opportunities that are of their interest especially through the work of integral part of the LDA MNE - INFO point. Once a week, at least, we meet and have different topics and motives, sometimes those are regular activities like local young correspondents and sometimes it is making project proposals and activities that they are interested in. Project coordinator is also key person for direct communication and actions that involve local volunteers.

The solidarity principle is something that LDA MNE nourishes as its core value and applying for Quality Label for ESC was natural and logical to do. We are local community focused organization aiming at societal change for the better, encouraging active citizenship and promotion of direct democracy principles, measuring the needs of the citizens, different categories for different projects. The LDA MNE represents the bridge between citizens’ needs and local authorities, but we function in a way that help citizens to build their own capacities to be active.

In short, we foster local democratic processes.

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

  • Educational difficulties
  • Geographical obstacles
  • Economic obstacles

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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OID: E10030296
Last updated on 17/02/20

Organisation topics

Community development

Education and training

Citizenship and democratic participation