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Szkola Podstawowa nr 1 im. Juliusza Slowackiego

Szkola Podstawowa nr 1 im. Juliusza Slowackiego


Staszica 6, 64-980, Trzcianka, Poland - +48608013844

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We are a primary school located in the north-west part of Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship and north part of Czarnków-Trzcianka County with population about 17000 inhabitants. Trzcianka is the townhouse of town and borough authorities, industrial town, strongly affecting and serving local villages. There are a lot of industrial companies. There is efficiently working school system, health care, trade and services. Trzcianka is also very important and attractive place to relax, especially during the summer. Being close to lakes and forests and very strong base is favourable for turism and recreation.
Near big cities are: Piła (25 km) Poznań (90 km), Gorzów Wielkopolski (110 km), Bydgoszcz (120 km), Szczecin (170 km), Kołobrzeg (165 km). The distance from Trzcianka to Warsaw is 375 km and to Berlin 225 km.
There are bike routs going through Trzcianka and new builded cycling paths. The town has got convenient transport system, cross here: voivodeship road no. 178 and voivodeship no.180. There is non-electrify railway line going through the town.
Nowadays Trzcianka has direct connection with Krzyż, Piła and Chojnice. There is also bus service with .connection to: Poznań, Wałcz, Kołobrzeg, Piła, Krzyż Wlkp., Wieleń, Czarnków. In our town and nearby area we can admire intersting natural monuments: 400 years old oak tree named „Wojtek”, peat plants „Nad Bukówką”. You can use many sports facilities - Sports Centre with: aquatic equipment rental, tennis courts, nautical harbour, ground, Freshwater Fish Park, a modern gym 4 active and a Field House where numerous sports competitions, celebrations and concerts are organised. There is also a gym, sauna and aerobics hall. In the suburbs and nearby area there are many agricultural farms, stud farms with regional or cuisine.
The school has 320 students between the ages of 6 and 15, 3 infant teaching forms and 12 junior forms (subject teaching), 35 teachers. The school has increasingly modern educational and sports base: professional football field, basketball court, beach volleyball court, playground, gym and other innovative solutions allowing children and teenagers to conciously plan their future. The mission of the school is to realise the slogan: „One school,, many possibilities” and it involves values such as: giving students opportunities to diverse progress, social justice, counteraction against rejection, esteem cultural diversity, mutual communication. Prepare students to social, vocational and family life in the world mixed culturally, religiously, intelectually and with different values. Together we create things that are teaching aids and help to gain education for many genarations. We are proud of our students' achievements in knowledge, sports and artistic competitions. We have award winners in Polish nationwide competitions in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geogrphy, History, Polish and German. We are able to make the satisfaction of one's achievements become also the part of everyone's in the school. The vision of the school is to prepare a graduate: cultural, communicative, caring about health, responsible, tolerant, creative, an ecologist and a patriot. We cooperate with institutions promoting culture in our town, region and country e.g.: a local and pedagogical library, a museum, a Community Centre, a department responsible for the town and the borough's promotion. We also cooperate with other schools from the region. The volunteers will have the chance to know the Community Centre's actions.

Organizacja ta jest akredytowana do realizacji projektów w ramach wolontariatu Erasmus+ i Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności.

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PIC: 910849983 OID: E10012552
Ostatnia aktualizacja 08/02/19

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