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"Help the Life" Association

"Help the Life" Association

Fshati Prush, Komuna Vaqarr, 1001, Tirana, Albania - +355 682082190

opis organizácie

“Help the Life” is a non-for-profit national Albanian organization established since 1998, as an initiative of a group of parents of children and teenagers with mental and physical disabilities. The organization’s vision is to build up an inclusive society with equal opportunities to every one. This visionary statement is supported by our mission statement for building capacities and improving the social status of disabled children, teenagers, youths and other groups above youth age who, for protecting their rights in order to help integrate them in the family and community (society). Rooted in our mission statement, the overarching goal of the organization is to integrate disabled into their communities as members of the society with equal rights and opportunities. In order to achieve this mission the organization works on different development programs.

The programs implemented by Help the Life are design to offer:
• Early intervention Program for children with disability of the age group 0-6 years old;
• Community Based Rehabilitation program/servise at home of the child with disability;
• Psycho-social support to disabled people and their families;
• Assistance, education and rehabilitation programs;
• Inclusive Education
• Psycho-socio-educative programs in order to perform independent actions on their daily life, and developing their capacities.
• Physical improvements/physiotherapy program
• Speech therapy program
• Professional training program and employment possibilities for disabled youths, in order they could live independently.
• Advocacy for the rights of People with disabilities, Lobbing with the government structures for the implementation of the legislation for People with disabilities, Networking and fund raising for the sustainability of the service provided by the organization.

Those programs are implemented in a Centre of psycho-socio-educative services for disabled children and Youths of age group 5-30 years old in Tirana city which is Association property; one Community Based Rehabilitation center in Durres City and one Community Based Rehabilitation Center in Vlora city. The services at these 3 centers are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of experts that caters to 140 children and youths with disability of the age group 2-30 years old.

This made “Help the Life” the sole organization which offers structured, holistic and integrated, daily community-service. By the programs implemented so far, 93 disabled children are supported and integrated in the educational system; 17 youth with disability are supported and get employed; 58 adolescents and youths have benefited by the programs implemented in the Centre of Services and been integrated. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, since 2005, have acknowledged this contribution by licensing “Help the Life” for provisioning of services to the disabled based on the previous excelling performances and current capacities for delivering quality services. Further more, the organization provides its expertise to other organizations who plan to provide services for people with disability in order to build the capacities of the staff in providing those services based on the quality standards and on the Convention of the Rights of People with Disability in Albania.

Also, essential part of the mission of the Organization is conducting Advocacy activities in regard to protection of the rights of people with mental and physical disabilities, elimination of the discrimination and equal opportunities for them and their families, since 3 year by now we have established the self-advocacy group of youths with intellectual disability who are supported by the organization to represent themselves as citizens with equal rights; Lobbing with the government structures for the implementation of the legislation for People with disabilities; Networking and fund raising for the sustainability of the service provided by the organization.

“Help the Life” works closely with partners of the civil society and those in the field of disability, such as important national and international networks in order to turn disability an issue belonging to all society and not only non-for-profit organizations working in the field of disability. Since 2008 the organization is part of international network of people with disability Inclusion Europe:

Účastníci s obmedzenými príležitosťami

  • This organisation has a physical environment suitable for young people with physical, sensory or other disabilities (such as wheelchair access and similar.
  • This organisation has additional mentoring or other support suitable for young people with social obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences or similar.

témy v oblasti začlenenia

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

Kategória začleneniaPrijímajúce projektyVysielajúce projektyKoordinačné projektyHostiteľská organizáciaSupporting organisation
Cultural differences
Social obstacles

Táto organizácia je akreditovaná na realizáciu projektov v rámci dobrovoľníckych činností programu Erasmus+ a Európskeho zboru solidarity.

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