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Crescer a Cores - Associação de Solidariedade Social

Crescer a Cores - Associação de Solidariedade Social

Rua Rio Tejo, nr 7, Espaço Comunitário Antiga Escola Rio Tejo,, 1600-746, Lisboa, Portugal - +351215937851

description of organisation

“Crescer a Cores – Associação de Solidariedade Social – IPSS” is an Association officially considered as a Private Institution for Social Solidarity by the Portuguese Law. We are a non-profit association with regional reach which main aim is to accompany and support the social inclusion of our target groups which are Children, Youngsters and Families who are in social disadvantaged situations, through providing community responses and services on the fields of psychology, education and health.
EVS volunteers will work mainly with our biggest target group: children aged 4 months to 13 years old.

Since 2007 “Crescer a Cores” develops many of its activities in the Psychopedagogical Resource Center in Carnide through a memorandum of partnership with the Civil Parish of Carnide (in Lisbon) and since 2008 also with the Civil Parish of São Julião (in Setúbal). In this Resource Center we provide children / youth and family counselling sessions, educational psychology, speech therapy; holiday camps and specific activities on the field of Parental Education. Throughout the past years of existence, in this Resource Center we have followed about 500 Children, Youngsters and Family Community of Carnide / Lisbon and Setúbal, performing community work with our many local and national partners.
In this Center we promote also direct work with Local schools such as: Programme with children and youngsters on Development of Competences; Support to the Learning Process of children in the school, Specific Actions for sensitization, counselling, guidance and training of the several stakeholders of the learning process of children; participation in pedagogical iniciatives and activities held in schools. There is also specific proximity work done with the community in order to allow the needs of children, youngsters and families at risk to be met.
Moreover, in the Resource Center, Crescer a Cores organizes and implements also every year, Residential and non-residential Summer camps for children and youngsters; participates in all celebrative dates of the local community and takes active part in projects for social inclusion such as BIP/ZIP and in participative budget actions.

Since 2013 Crescer a Cores runs a day nursery located in the Community Space of Old Rio Tejo School in Padre Cruz neighbourhood that has a pedagogical aim to contribute for the personal and social development of children. Nowadays we host up to 40 children between 4 to 36 months old which are in socially deprived situation.
The work of "Creche" (day nursery) of Crescer a Cores is based on a community and systemic intervention (identification of needs, performance objectives, elaboration of training plans, monitorization and evaluation of the whole process) which is centered on children, families and community, on the frames of a wider concept of education that considers the several levels of social relations through an active participation and proximity among all the intervenients (colaborators, trainees, volunteers and partners).

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This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

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This organisation is accredited to run projects under Erasmus+ Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

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